Good Ending

I love a good ending.   How about you?

It can be found in the last page of a book ...a final scene of a movie or the finish of a challenging project.  

Thought I would share a few of my good endings with you today.

The peaches will soon be ripe.

When they are - there will be pie.   That should be a good ending😋!  

 These lilies always arrive late in the summer season but they make the garden's end a delight.


Long shadows ...

and a neighbors harvest all say it was a good day's end. 

Hope all of you discover a few good endings this week.

God Bless!


"The end of a matter is better than its beginning..."  Eccl.7:8a 


  1. Hello Debbie, so lovely to catch up with you again!
    Your good-endings theme brings lots of things to mind and is nice to think about.
    Those Lillies must be the most elegant plant - they're gorgeous.
    Happy pie making when those peaches ripen, always something to look forward to.
    Cheers to you and it was so nice to visit again xx

  2. Oh ripe peaches! Nothing more summery that that!

  3. Peach Ice Cream!
    Have a good week Debbie!

  4. We have been enjoying peaches from GA? Yummy, lucky you have your own. I love those tall lilies. I have a few Oriental lilies. They bloom earlier. I must get some of these later bloomers. Have a great week.

  5. Nothing like fresh peaches. Such lovely photos! Have a great week my friend!

  6. Peach pie sounds like a great ending. Have a joyful week, Debbie.

  7. I've got a great recipe for a peach "crostata"--basically a freeform peach pie with a bottom crust that folds up over the fruit. It is our favorite--need to see about buying some fresh peaches... (sadly, we don't have our own tree!)

  8. I wanted those peaches to make lemonade :)

  9. There's nothing like a good ending, indeed. What a lovely thought for a post, Debbie. Isn't it funny how we look so tall and thin on the shadow pictures? That will be nice to make a peach pie when the peaches are ripe. Just got a few from the store that were pretty good. Thank you for the verse this morning. Your posts are always so special, dear friend.


  10. I just bought peaches yesterday and it was probably the best ever!!! Wonderful post!!!!!

  11. Debbie, your blog almost always brings a smile to my face with the things you share. I hope you have many, many happy endings this week, my friend. Enjoy!

  12. A good ending is the culmination of a job, a project, a task, it is something that completes what has been done, I hope we all had a good ending, the picture that begins, the work that is done, is part of life itself and something what you dream of.
    Happy weekend.

  13. Thank you for sharing your good endings! I caught the tail end of "It Happened One Night" last week. A classic good ending! Hugs to you from (110 degrees today) Las Vegas:)

  14. ahhhh what a delightful post to read today. I love a good ending too.
    Hadn't seen that book before... I'll check it out! A good ending for me today is going to be a shower and a comfortable bed; I'm so tuckered out. Sweet dreams friend... Lea

  15. And best ending of all: "Well done, good and faithful servant!" Have a beautiful August.

  16. How truly simple and sweet...I just love how you thread your themes!! I am not happy about my impending ending here at Blogger, but I am getting messages that it's time to end. Maybe start something new. I will still be able to visit and comment though, a few special know who you are! Thank you for your sharing, I smile when I read here, even when I am not in a smiling place...


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