Sunday, July 5, 2020


Dear friends hope your July has started off well.

Summer is now in full swing at Harmony Hills.  We are in the 90's and the forecast is telling us the heat is to keep us company for the next week or so.

 Like this male cardinal I will be spending more time in the shade...

enjoying all the visitors that come and go...

painting what is in bloom

and catching up with a bit of extra baking.

Would love to hear what you will be doing in July.

Hope you will share.  Have a great week.



"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not men."  Col.3:23 (NIV) 


  1. Love your hollyhocks! Enjoy July, I will too!

  2. Nice, gratifying photos, here the green has completely disappeared, this year with the pandemic we have not enjoyed the spring, now the heat and the ocher color has taken over and much of us.
    We hope to take it to the best of our ability.

  3. Your painting is gorgeous. You captured the bloom perfectly. We are experiencing the same weathers. Too much heat. Do take care out there.

  4. Looks like July will be full of simple pleasures! Those muffins look delicious.

  5. Your painting is beautiful. You have a wonderful talent. Enjoy July and the rest of summer.

  6. Your painting, Debbie, is luminous, flowing, bringing out the best of watercolor. I appreciate it as an abstract work of art as much as what the subject is. I also love the verse and how you always connect the verses to your life

  7. PS I hope you find places of comfort in that heat...We are blessed with cool days and nights could change at any time, I do know that...

  8. Welcome to July! Looks like you have some plans to keep you busy. Love the flowers and the little creatures...and the baking. I will be trying to sneak in some summer activities while taking care of my husband. I did make it over to the pool for about an hour on Sunday...but couldn't get a stretch of time to do that today...or sketch yet. Have a wonderful start to July. I hope it doesn't get too hot!

  9. thank-you for dripping by ny poem-porch so I could meet you! Happy July! I will be gardening and child-caring and writing poetry:)

  10. Debbie, love this post, so summery, so beautiful.. Just letting you know I'm alright, and pleased to know that your doing good.
    I'll try to get an email out to you soon..

  11. First, your painting is beautiful...I love the blooms this time of the year. For the last few months I've been fostering a chiweenie which I named Bambi. She's 9lbs and the sweetest dog. However, she has heartworm and I can't adopt her until she's free of the disease. On July 16th we will know if I can call her mine....keep your fingers crossed. SO...that is my July!!! Have a wonderful Evening...

  12. Your lovely painting of a Hibiscus is a new favorite, really a stunner. I will spend July renovating my new little flat by the lago Maggiore and trying to stand the heat !

  13. What a gorgeous painting - so sensitive and beautifully atmospheric. I can tell you enjoyed working on it. We are blessed to have something like painting in our lives aren't we? The world is upside down in this covid time but your beautiful post make me think everything is well in the world. Blessings dear Debbie and stay safe.

  14. such a delightful art dear Debbie :)

    Happy July my friend !
    looks like you are enjoying your summers and weather thoroughly :)
    flowers around you are absolutely gorgeous and how cute these visitors are :)
    wishing you more blessings in days ahead my friend!

  15. That flower and painting is excellent .

  16. So very beautiful❤ very hot here in ohio too....stat well❣❣

  17. Debbie, it is a dream of mine to see the red cardinal one day. Such a wonderful sight for you, especially to see one up in the tree nearby. Your painting of the bloom is so nice, and those muffins look delicious.

    It's been pretty hot here lately, and just staying cool inside. It was Nel's birthday yesterday, and went over there to have brunch. Jess made mini pies. : )

    The verse really spoke to me tonight. I hope you have many sweet July days, Debbie.



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