Sunday, February 16, 2020

Three P's

Today I am sharing a painting done in January...

a photo taken on a winter's walk...

and a favorite hymn on prayer - done by Alan Jackson - hope you enjoy!

Have a wonderful week.

"But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father who is unseen.  Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you."  Matt. 6:6 (NIV)  


  1. Greetings dear friend

    It has been much too long since I have been able to visit. I have missed your heartfelt posts and your beautiful artwork.

    I love your sunflower, so beautifully done with the touch of your brush, the winters walk, well, you could have not picked a better hymn.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. The painting is beautiful and the photo of the barn is really eye-catching. Have a blessed week.

  3. Beautiful sunflower
    May all your walks be comforting

  4. I love all three. Your sunflower is perfect. I have that Alan Jackson CD in my car and have just about worn it out. I can't carry a tune, at all, but I sure can sing those Hymns along with long as it's just me in the car. :)

  5. I do love your sunflower Debra. Your watercolour method is beautiful. Lovely to read your post. Have a really nice week ahead xx

  6. I like that painting, it has contrast and color, the spectacular, inspiring landscape, I had not heard this song, I like it.
    Happy week.

  7. Your painting looks like a dream. It won't be long now and we will have all sorts of beautiful flowers for inspiration. Have a wonderful week.

  8. Your painting is beautiful! And I love red barns in the snow. And lastly, this is one of my favorite songs. What a beautiful message to wake up to this morning. Thank you, Debbie

  9. Gorgeous painting! I love all the background too. You are so good! I hope all is well...

  10. Beautiful painting and song. Thanks.

  11. Love to see the sunflower in winter!

  12. Love to see that you posted your watercolor at first and not ( almost ) hidden at the end :-), a truly beautiful and uplifting work !

  13. I'm loving this sunflower. !! Thanks for the visit.
    I'm having a hard time posting comments on others blogs..
    I know you comment on Lauras Watercolors, and I can't leave a comment there, I don't know why..
    p.s. sorry for the rant.

  14. I enjoyed your three P's this morning, Debbie. Your painting is lovely. When I saw the photo of the red barn in the snow I thought it was wonderful and it should be a post card. That's a really nice picture. I love the Matthew verse, and it reminded me of when I say the Rosary - I try to be still and quiet with no distractions. Have a sweet day, Debbie.


  15. Lovely painting, beautiful song and a wonderful winter landscape.

  16. Beautiful painting, beautiful photography

  17. Your painting is lovely! I like the loose look to it. Your background is really nicely done and sets off the flower so well. Great photo and a heart-touching hymn! Have a great rest of your week!!

  18. I love the sunflower, Debbie! I also enjoyed your winter's walk photo - I can feel the clear, crisp air. Oh, and I also love Alan Jackson. Happy Thursday!

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