Snowed In

Being snowed in has a lovely upside.

One has time to watch the birds...

Gluten Free French Bread
Bake something tasty...

Read a good book or two...

Paint something blooming.

Or when the sun shines venture a snowy walk .

If any of you are snowed in today - would love to hear what you are doing.   To those who are in a warm place - could you send some of it my way.

"He says to the snow, 'Fall on the earth,'  Job 37:6 a (NIV)




  1. Beautiful photos and words
    The snowfall has slowed down here for the moment. I'm hoping shoveling out car can wait until morning for plow.
    Stay warm!

  2. Dear Debbie, thank you very much for a wonderful post. I'll send you the hot air to you from Australia. We're in the middle of a summer!! Just burning, seriously. Farmers need more rain. Come, your snow, to us. Kind regards, Sadami

  3. Sending warmth and love. No snow here but cold. Love to you,

  4. I love those days when I can hunker down and not have a care in the world.
    OOur weather has been on the warmer side these past couple of days, though we have been getting snow.

    Have a great week ♡

  5. A beautiful post Debbie and I love your choices of things to do :D)
    Birdwatching, baking (that looks so delicious) and painting - how delightful! Those pretty watercolour flowers would definitely brighten up your snowy day. What a charming gift for you to paint in too xx

  6. BRR!!! All beautiful -- LOVE the painting!!! No snow here but in the 20s! BRR! And gluten free French bread -- yum .. so hard to find ... stay warm Deb!

  7. You have such lovely views from your house! Being snowed in, if it's not too often, right?, sounds lovely to me, especially when you are so good at finding productive, fun things to do. I love your painting!

  8. When there is acceptance and gratitude, of which you have a lot, there are upsides everywhere! Yes, snowed in here too, the storm must have gone through a lot of the country. Upsides here, the beauty out the window, though I'm not accepting that snows these days mean more ice than old fashioned powder...
    I watched a meaningful movie, Ghost Town, plus an art documentary, cooked a nourishing chicken dinner, wrote, read, made order at home, some art...and was so grateful for a beautiful well lit shelter!! I will try to venture out today, even if there is no sun! Thank you for a beautiful, snowy post. PS Ooooh, the blooming watercolor!

  9. The painting is absolutely beautiful. I'm so happy you have some time to sit and paint. Stay warm and safe...

  10. Oh my goodness... how beautiful these photos are, Debbie.
    You do have a great eye with your camera. You captured the silence which acompanies the snow when it blankets everything. Love your painting. I have just been painting african violets too. Have a blessed week.

  11. Love your flower painting! Snow is expected here tomorrow, but in a town it will not stay white very long, it turns to dirty slush.

  12. Hi Debbie, It looks like you have kept busy. I got out today for the first time in several days. I have been fighting an illness plus we have had our second big (for us) snow. It has turned so cold. I will be inside even more. What have I been doing? I have painted a little. I am making a travel journal for a trip my hubby and I are taking. I like to do as much ahead in the journal as I can leaving plenty of space for sketches etc while gone. Sometimes the anticipation of a trip is as exciting as the trip, ha... Almost. I have recently learned I am gluten intolerant. I can hardly believe it after all of these years. Your french bread looks delicious. Do you cook/bake gluten free often? What are your favorite recipes/cookbooks? The sun is out despite the cold temps. Some of this snow will melt. Be safe and warm. Lisa

    1. Lisa if you send me your email address will share some great gluten free recipes. My hubby is celiac so do a great deal of gluten-free cooking. Stay warm...think you will probably be getting that Arctic cold coming this next week like us. Hugs!

  13. This is such a sweet comforting post. It is cold here but no snow. Never knew gluten free bread could look so delicious!

  14. Got snowed in too. The temps area below zero as well. Was about minus 6 this morning and still is. Hopeing to get out in some sunshine tomorrow and brave the elements. Got about a foot of snow. I am hurting from all the shoveling we had to do. Hope that's better tomorrow as well. How was your gluten free French Bread???? Looks good.

  15. Sounds so cozy and the bread looks delicious....we don't have snow here but it is very cold, but I don't mind too much, I love wearing layers and bundling up, but I am also already looking forward to summer and flowers....stay warm and cozy....hugs

  16. What a beautiful painting Debbie! I love the colorful and it reminds me of Spring....sigh!!!! Love all the wonderful photos... always a treat!!!! Enjoy the rest of the evening...,

  17. Your painting is so beuatiful!

  18. A beautiful way to spend a snowed-in day. I'll happily send some of our sunshine your way. We are having a cold-ish week so far, but for us that means temps in the 60s for highs!

  19. How very beautiful! Something we don't see too much of in southern Arizona. BUT, this year we woke up to 2 inches of the white stuff. An unusual happening. It happened 2 days in a row. Something VERY different! Enjoy it, Debbie...a fire going, a warm blanket, hot chocolate and a great book!

  20. Cloudy and cold here, but no snow. We are off to a warehouse about 30 miles away to buy apples. They have much better apples than I can find in the stores and at a lower price, too. It will be fun to take a little drive.
    Stay warm my friend.
    Connie :)

  21. Snow is so beautiful. I wish I could experience it again. It's been many years since I walked in the snow.

  22. Looks like being snowed in isn't at all a bad thing, gives you time to paint some beautiful watercolors too :-) And the gluten free bread looks really yummy , love the smell of newly baked bread .


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