Cookie Baking

A favorite part of the holiday season for me is cookie baking.

Over the years I have sampled a variety of drop, shaped , decorated, bar and no bake types.

Some have been so complicated that they may be a couple of days in the making.  Others so simple that one can stir them up and have them ready in a short few minutes.

For every taste bud there is a special cookie that will satisfy.

As I and my family have aged some of the fancy favorites have been exchanged for old fashioned goodness.

 These gingered molasses cookies are a good example.   They are simple to bake and with just plain ingredients most everyone enjoys them.

They are fragrantly spicy and perfectly chewy.   Just what I enjoy in a cookie.

If anyone wants the recipe -let me know.   Will be glad to share.

Hope everyone is having a great start to the Christmas season.   For all of those who love cookie baking - may your endeavors bring you hours of blissful joy!

Have a blessed week!

Hugs Debbie


  1. I love baking cookies at this time of year (well, year round really but at this time of year even more). I am always on the look-out for new recipes and find Pinterest to be an endless source of inspiration.

  2. I think today is National Cookie Day, so this post was perfect! I have a recipe for molasses sugar cookies that is also a family favorite. Every year at Christmastime I bake them and share with a few friends. Will be thinking of you this year when I make them :)!

  3. Good Evening Debbie, We love a nice biscuit (cookie) in this house and if you have five minutes to spare I would love the recipe. I have never cooked with molasses, so that will be a new experience for me. I feel sure I will be able to find molasses in our shops.
    I feel these biscuits will be a real hit with my husband.
    Best Wishes

  4. Happy December Debbie!
    A favorite holiday cookie is from an old canal days recipe I got from Roscoe Village, Ohio years ago, ginger cookies made with bacon grease. I cut the bacon grease in half and then all together. I'd love to see your recipe.

  5. Oh yummie, they look absolutely delicious!

  6. Your cookies look yummy! At one time I used to bake such an assortment and quantity of cookies because I gave them as gifts to a lot of people I worked with. Now that I'm retired I do so few...just our real favorites that it wouldn't be Christmas without. lol When I was working I started baking immediately after I'm getting artwork ready for shows instead. I don't know which is harder. Wishing you a wonderful, blessed week my friend.

  7. I do love homemade cookies, but I never make any. The only baking I do is of chicken and such, no cookies, pies or cakes. Your cookies do look delicious, Debbie!

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  9. Ooh, those cookies look delicious! I find that I bake only simple, old-fashioned favorites nowadays, too. Have a wonderful week, Debbie.


  10. We bake a lot of cookies during the holidays. We always try a few new recipes but the old fashioned type are the best. Yours look delicious, I would love the recipe to try this season! I just bought some molasses too so it will be perfect!

  11. Oh boy- are these tempting. Ginger snaps are a true favorite of mine so I know I would love these. BUT...confession time... I do not bake. I have NEVER made a cake or cookies. Ever! You might feel sympathy for the four children raised in our house, but I can't remember them ever asking me to make any, either. I was a working mother with deadlines!! Interestingly enough, none of them seem to have a mega sweet tooth as adults.
    I would love to pop by and enjoy a cuppa with a couple of these cookies though, sweet friend.
    Have a blessed week and continued prayers for our mutual friend.

  12. For me, making cookies is a big part of the Christmas season. It's something that children can be involved with easily, and it just seems like a good way to bond. Your cookies sound delicious, and I'd LOVE to make your recipe.

  13. Thank you all so much for visiting - the recipe is online at Tried pasting link on post but eblogger wouldn't take it. If any of you have trouble finding it - just let me know. Everyone have a super day. Hugs!


  15. Debbie,

    Those cookies look delicious! Even from this far way:) Looks like too what I would call an "old timey" type of cookbook. Love those recipes the best!

    Hope that you had a wonderful weekend and a good start to the week.
    Take care and thanks for the cookies:)

  16. They do look good Debbie! I love to cook but I'm not the baker in my family! My daughter loves baking cookies for the holidays!!!!! Thank God for daughters!! Lol

  17. Dare I admit that I have never baked a cookie in my life :( They do look good though. I haven't really thought about Christmas yet - must get a move on I think or it will be all last minute rush. Have a lovely week. Big hugs.

  18. Uhhmm , nothing better than the smell of cookies in the oven , and these look really good ! A must in my home is baking Danish Brown Christmas Cookies .My daughter and I do them together, and the house gets filled with the smell of ginger and cinnamon. Christmas at it's best :-)))

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  20. Hi Debbie! I see that your kitchen is pretty busy these days, same thing here. I like to try new recipes but the kids still like the old time cookies as well. Maybe you could send me your molasse cookie recipe if you find the time. Have fun in the bakery! πŸ˜‰

  21. My, my............I can just imagine the aromas wafting through your house. Ummmm!
    I find baking can be such a soothing activity. Enjoy your day!


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