September has brought changes.
There are signs that autumn is on its way.
There are more and more leaves underfoot.
Acorns have began falling. Soon the squirrels and chipmunks will be busy gathering winter's fare.

These are all subtle and slow changes serving to remind us that seasons come and seasons go.  We know this is to be expected.

It is the unexpected changes that leave us reeling.  We know with certainty that life will never be quite the same.

Such was 9/11 fifteen years ago.  Today I am remembering all those ordinary folks who didn't see the changes coming but in a terrible moment's time became extraordinary heroes!  Please join me in "looking up" !  Have a blessed week.

Hugs Debbie


  1. Hi Debbie, such a beautiful tribute. It is hard to believe it has been 15 years already.

  2. it is definitely Autumn-like here now, although we are still having lovely warm weather. I am beginning to start on the annual tidy up in the garden and wondering where to plant bulbs and get rid of the annuals that have gone over - the circle of the year keeps turning. Have a lovely week my friend.

  3. Debbie,

    Great advice that really, can be used all of the time. Keep looking up:)

    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Definitely feels like autumn around here. Some trees are changing colours and there's a nip in the air.

    At the start of a new week, yes, we'll keep looking up. Thanks for a lovely post.


  5. Yesterday left us with an empty sick feeling. Never to be forgotten.
    The memorial they have made in the footprints of the towers appears to be a special place of understanding, grateful awareness and renewal. The younger generation will have a solid understanding of the magnitude
    of horror, loss and bravery which happened there. Thank you for including the tribute to 9/11, Debbie.
    You are correct about change - it is always there, sometimes easy, and often it is not. "Looking Up" is the magic gift to help us all.

  6. Even here in Florida, there are subtle changes indicating a season change. It's still hot and steamy, but the quality of the light is different, and every now and then there's a tiny breeze hinting at things to come.

  7. Bonjour chère amie,

    Une très jolie publication... Ici aussi chez nous nous sentons que nous sommes à l'aube de l'automne. Une saison que je n'aime pas du tout... Elle me rend nostalgique.
    Toutefois nous avons encore la chance de bénéficier chez nous d'une chaleur estivale et inespérée pour la saison.

    Un bel hommage à ce malheureux 11 septembre. Une pensée particulière à toutes les familles qui resteront dans la tristesse.

    Gros bisous 🌸

  8. Such a lovely tribute to that dreadful day 15 years ago....I'll never forget that day!
    And yes Autumn is in the air...I look forward to the changes in color....... Have a wonderful day!!!!!

  9. Life surely brings changes...some welcome and some traumatic. Enjoy the seasonal changes that are headed our way. Have a great week.

  10. September 11, 2016 here was that same bright, cloudless, blue sky day of 9/11. I was driving my daughter to school and there was one plane in the sky - making a "U turn" - you could see the contrail. We both commented on how odd it was. Then when I returned home a friend called and told me to turn on the TV. I sat transfixed as the tragedy mounted, watching that second plane, the clouds of dust and debris filling the canyons of the streets of NYC . . . never to be forgotten. Thank you for your tribute here.

  11. Hi, Debby, Your post and photos are very lovely and caring. I'm sure people come here, rest for a while and get energy to go back to each life. Bless you, ((Hugs)), Sadami

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  13. Hi Debbie, I just want to say hi and wish you a great day! Time goes by so fast...enjoy this beautiful day!

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  15. Hi Debbie, thank you for such a beautiful tribute and inspiring post on this sad anniversary. xx Diane


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