Cicadas - This and That

Just out of the Ground with brown shell
The seventeen year Cicadas have arrived.   They are everywhere clinging to grass and leaves.  Their visit is accompanied by a constant hum from sun up to late afternoon.
They metamorphose from this shell into a black-winged insect with red eyes.  Not the prettiest bug!

 On a lovelier note - yesterday  brought a gorgeous sunrise.

Fog shrouded the hills as dawn left us behind.  It was a beautiful June morning.

  The peonies and bachelor buttons are in full swing in the garden.

Male Hummingbird 
 Mr. Hummingbird is constantly reminding me he needs lots of nectar.   Certainly keeping me buzzing around filling the feeders.

Speaking of buzzing - got to go for now.  Someone is waiting for their walk.

Thanks for letting me share a bit of this and that.   Will be around to see what is happening in your part of the world.

Have a wonderful week.

Hugs Debbie

"This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it."
Psalm 118:24 (NIV)


  1. Beautiful photos, Debbie! So that is what cicadas look like! I hear them when it is very hot and humid but I have never actually seen one. Here they tend to "hide" on the trees where they are camouflaged.

  2. Amazing photos Debbie!! I haven't seen or heard cicadas yet....yikes!!! Not sure I'm ready for Your peonies look so beautiful....I have to see if mine bloomed yet....they're so beautiful and wish they lasted longer!!!

  3. Lovely photos, Debbie! I always enjoy your garden photos, and wow, that sunrise...

  4. Blessings to you and yours Debbie. Enjoy all that beauty around you.

  5. What a beautiful floral display, Deb. AND those cicadas! The sounds must be incredible!! HUGS!

  6. Jealous of the peonies--they are one of my favorite flowers. We have cicadas here, too, and often hear them but rarely see them. That's just as well!

  7. I enjoyed this step into your day. I remember the cicadas from childhood. Funny how we just took the sound for granted...I am a fan of fog, so cool, so soft, so gentle....

  8. Summer is coming,time to embrace od light and life joy!!!
    Have nice week dear Debbie.Hugs,Rita

  9. Debbie, I am constantly amazed at the beauty you have around you. You never take it for granted, and you celebrate each day the small and the spectacular that you find in your world. I'm so glad you share with us what you find!

  10. The cicadas have not made it our way yet. But they will, soon enough. Their screech is one thing that tells me we are at the height of a Mediterranean summer. So I am happy that we haven't heard anything from them yet.

  11. Always such a beautiful setting, no matter the weather or season. Very pretty pictures-thank you! Not so much with those bugs though:)

    Hope your week gets off to a good start!

  12. Hi Debbie, You have once again brought us some treasures from your day. Love the photos, although I could happily do without the cicadas...has it really been 17 years already? I think I still hear them from their last visit. Have a wonderful week.

  13. Ewww, hate those cicadas. Didn't realize it was that time again - or maybe we won't get them since my husband and son seem to make it their life's work to dig up every square inch of dirt we have and turn it upside down!

  14. I had to look up what the 17 year cicadas meant. They mate, lay eggs and die. What a life! Apparently can be really noisy too. All gone by Independence Day. I must have heard them sometime I guess.Do they sound like crickets? Love the peonies but seeing
    Shelby made my day

  15. Not really sure what seventeen year cicada are will look t up like Mary did. Your bachelor buttons are what we call cornflowers as they grow in the corn fields along with poppies and corn marigolds. Your peonies are wonderfully blowsy. You are honoured that I am commenting as I am on holiday and it is against my rules to visit blogs but I just had to say hello :)

  16. No matter what the pose or which German Shepherd, they always look regal, magnificent, the best of the breed.
    Have a wonderful week!

  17. We don't get cicadas in this part of the world but was in the U.S. when it happened last time. It is such a neat phenomenon of nature!
    Happy to see Shelby enjoying the great outdoors! Have a great day, hugs!

  18. Hi Debbie! I just love those bachelor buttons, I hadn't seen any in a while.They are fragile looking but pretty hardy. No cicadas here yet...I guiess it's not warm enough. Have a good week my friend,XX

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  20. Hi Debbie, thanks for the sharing ...
    Feeling good.

  21. Hi Debbie, haven't heard any cicadas yet, it may be too early in our neck of the woods. Looks so lovely there with that shot of the peonies. We are going to have 90 degree temps this weekend, so summer has arrived!

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