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April's Gifts

As this month draws to a close I would like to share some of April's gifts. An early morning sky the nest Courtesy of Hubby of a Bald Eagle... Spring flowers...  New life... a scenic view... and  the sweet scent of a bouquet. April has certainly bestowed some wonderful gifts. So glad I could share them with you. Have a blessed week. Hugs Debbie


On Thursday Maggie and Milo arrived.   They traveled all the way from California to Ohio. Their wonderful creator Penny at  Angelsdoor   carefully had handcrafted these adorable friends.   I think she knew the climate here might be an adjustment for them. Maggie's beautiful blue coat and muff are sure to keep her very warm when our winters grow cold.   Milo was lovingly covered with plenty of fur to keep him comfortable.  Of course they will be kept in a very safe and treasured place in my home.    Thank you Penny for allowing me to enjoy these sweet ones. For any of you who have not had the great pleasure of visiting Penny at Angelsdoor  please click on the link.   You are in for a lovely treat. Well now I must go - Maggie and Milo are waiting for me!    Everyone have a joyful week. Hugs Debbie   

Sunday Afternoon Drive

Hubby and I took a Sunday afternoon drive.   We traveled dirt roads and climbed rolling hills... spotted an old abandoned railroad car with a proper sign close by ... found a cleared path through the woods... caught site of a lovely church in the distance... and found this tree growing out of a rock. What is amazing is all these were within less than ten miles from home.  Just proves there are wonderful sites in one's own back yard. Thank you for taking time to visit.   Hope you enjoyed the Sunday afternoon drive. Have a blessed week. Hugs Debbie

Something old...Something new

Grandmother' s Pendant Hello friends. Thought it would be nice to share something old and something new with you today. A few weeks ago my cousin Cheryl contacted me to see if I would like to have our Grandmother's pendant.  She had received it from her mother and was now wanting to pass it along to me. This lovely piece had been a gift to my grandmother from her first husband before he passed away. It is possibly a 100 years old. Having never known my father's mother it is such a special blessing to have something of hers to keep.   What a generous gift from my cousin.   So grateful to her for sharing  this keepsake with me.   If you are reading this Cheryl - thank you! Watercolor Card Now for something new. Inspiration seems to be everywhere. Outdoors the landscape is awakening from its long winter's nap. Spring flowers are blooming - providing plenty of  fresh bouquets. Plus another new issue of  my favorite magazine is on the ne