A Favorite Winter Spot

 This has become Samson's favorite winter spot.   The extreme cold has kept him indoors.     He sits here and watches the birds through the glass panes.  It is the perfect place for dozing too.

I haven't caught him reading.  Maybe he does when no one is around.

Pen & Ink Sketch with Watercolor Wash

Did a quick sunflower sketch today.   These cheery flowers always make me think of sunshine and bees buzzing about.  

Well it looks like you know who is getting ready for an afternoon nap.

 So glad you took a moment to visit with us.  Hope all of you are enjoying a favorite winter spot.


  1. Hi Debbie, what a lovely spot to sit and read or reflect on the events of the day. Love the sunflowers.................

  2. Who can resist a cat...and what a lovely sketch, Debbie!

  3. Such beautiful sunflowers and only a sketch? What a lovely corner your have er sorry your cat has.

  4. Your sunflowers are beautiful, Debbie! And your Samson looks a little bit like my Seamus. I can see why he chose that comfy spot!

  5. Deb, I should send a picture of Jake in the same sort of chair. Jake looks like Samson but a ton more fur..
    Great spot for him ... and you too when he allows. BJ

  6. Love the sunflowers
    Samson can be the twin of a cat I saw on the Cat Ladders blog this morning.

  7. I wouldn't mind joining Samson in his favorite spot...and your sketch...Oh MY...I love it ♥

  8. What a perfect winter spot with the plants and the sunshine, it looks so cozy, cats always know the perfect place to be, hopefully he lets you sit there sometimes too :) I love the sunflowers and the color of the green leaves, just right. I am so anxious for flowers again, I can hardly wait.

  9. Dear Debbie,
    First, I love your sunflowers! You are such a gifted artist!
    Samson looks so comfortable... What a sweetheart he is
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

  10. I really love your sunflower, what a gorgeous sketch , it definitely has to end up in a frame ! Who can blame Samson for choosing this chair, seems like an ideal place to keep everything under control , nice and cosy :-) xx

  11. Hi there Debbie!.... What a wonderfully "sunny" strategy to lower the boom on winter's blues! Your sunflower is beautifully rendered and coloured with just enough pastel wash to offer that soft warm feeling of a summer day!

    Thank you for sharing your sunshine sketch... and the cozy view of your home! Winter seems less present after my visit today!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  12. Such beautiful flowers Debbie ! Splendid work really, this is one of my favorite flowers and the leaves, wow!. And yes, I'm pretty sure Samson is a great reader just like her mistress, yes? :)

  13. Sunflowers brighten up any season and you did a gorgeous job on yours! I love the fluidity of the lines.
    I can see why Samson is not leaving that spot...looks so cozy. Have a great weekend Debbie!

  14. I don't blame him for wanting to nap there! Love the sunflowers...the brought a smile to my face.

  15. Aww he looks so happy and comfortable! Love your sunflowers!

  16. Your sunflowers are beautiful Debbie! Samson looks very happy in his winter nook. Your plants are looking lovely too!

  17. Hi Debbie! It looks like a very cozy spot! I am thrilled to see your sunflowers, they really bring a lot of warmth don't they? Samson is so handsome!

  18. Hi Deb! Sorry to be so long absent, but haven't spent much time on computer this winter -- been busy with teaching, house repairs and grandchildren .... Love the view -- and the marvelous sunflowers -- brighten up any spot!!! Beautifully rendered. We've had so much fluctuation in the temperatures ...sure is dizzying .... Hope you are well ... I don't know that I'd want to move from this spot at all! Hugs!

  19. Samson knows a comfy spot when he sees one! Hope you're both staying warm.


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