Colors of Spring

Pen and Ink with Watercolor Wash
Aureolin yellow, Rose Madder Genuine, and Cobalt blue are what I consider the colors of spring.   They are also my favorites.

Their properties seem to blend and glaze well making them wonderful neighbors.  A certain softness gives them a gentle glow.

One doesn't get a rich dark when using these three.   They remain light or in the mid-tone range making them a great trio for those early blooms.

Watercolor with ink embellishment

March's entrance may have brought another arctic blast but there are signs of spring.   The robins, blue birds and starlings have returned.   Soon the flowers will start to bloom.   Warmer weather will come.   In the meantime I will put another log on the fire, sip a cup of tea and dream of soft yellows, pinks and blues.   Thank you for stopping by.   Please have a wonderful week.   God Bless!


  1. Your flowers are very pretty Debbie - beautifully done! I hope you start to get some real spring weather soon. Even though your snowy scenes look beautiful, it must be hard going so long without seeing green grass and flowers. Drinking tea by an open fire sounds lovely!

  2. I love your flowers, Debbie! Having a cup of tea by an open fire sounds very soothing and warming.

  3. Good evening Debbie,
    I love both your watercolors, they are so soft, but I must admit the pen and ink Watercolor wash is my favorite.. It just seems to pop! You do such beautiful work.
    Thank you so much for your most welcome visit.. Your words warmed my heart.. I am happy to hear you were able to visit Rattus..

  4. I love rose madder and use it frequently. You are very talented Debbie and have quite a wonderful classical way with watercolor.

  5. Loved your watercolour roses, so soft. beautifully painted. I've not used rose madder genuine before, I'll have to look out for it. is it W/Newton ? where I live the paints are limited in makes & types of colours.
    Thank you Debbie for your get well wishes, looking forward to seeing your rusty wheel barrow.

  6. So soft and beautiful, Debbie! I'm about ready for spring myself about now so love seeing these soft blooms of the season.

  7. That's interesting to read about your color choices and why you combined specific colors. You are a very knowledgeable artist. The way you portrayed the roses is so soothing and brings a sense peace and hope to the viewer (at least that's what THIS viewer felt...)

  8. Hi Debbie, your flowers are so pretty. It's sunny here today but ohhhhh so cold. You are absolutely right about Spring coming soon, I just know it. So far today is going smoothly and that's a good sign for the rest of the week. :) Blessings!

  9. We had spring in February but now it's cold again. But it won't last so I am enjoying it while it lasts.

  10. So glad you are seeing signs of spring, it should be here soon, your painting and the colors are so pretty and such a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of spring.

  11. It must be fun to be able to paint flowers as your thoughts turn towards Spring.

  12. Just popped in for a cuppa and a look at your lovely artwork Debbie. I wish. Your flowers are exquiste and definitely remind me of spring. Not long now. Keep warm and cosy by that fire in the meantime. xx

  13. Debbie, these have a wonderful softness to them!!! Hope the storm didn't created problems in your area.

  14. Such lovely soft colors, definitely makes me dream of springtime . Here it has been raining allllll winter ! xx

  15. Beautiful artwork to cheer up my rainy day, I love the soft mix of these three colors.Some signs of spring are popping up here too, can hardly wait. Have a nice week!

  16. Hi Deb!... Nothing like robins and bluebird sightings to lift away the weight of winter ... nor the sweet washes of watercolour magic to to add colour to the drab greyness of those final winter days! No such sightings yet in this region for us... but Hey!... a wee floick of purple finches suddenly appeared at our front window feeder. It sure made my Deb's morning!

    Love the ink and watercolour combination in your two lovely florals! They provide a wonderful contrast between wash and line!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  17. Beautiful paintings! I love your artwork!

  18. and you too have returned the favour of spring!
    what a lovely, soft delicate, so pretty....

    thanks for your visit.
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  19. Your work resonates in my soul. It is beautiful and sensitive and I ALWAYS have an emotional response when I see it.
    Yea for Spring.

  20. Lovely soft colors and specially right for spring . It's interesting to read your choice of color's recipies. I'm so glad we are changing the time clock this weekend. For me , it's a sure sign longer and brighter days are on the way!


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