I've been listening to the last notes of summer.   The crescendo is past...just a short measure remains.

     Here are a few final chords.
Squash on the vine

Dried corn waiting for the harvest...

A Moth visiting  wildflowers 

 Goldenrod swaying in the breeze...

    and a couple of friends taking a moment to listen too!

Hope you are hearing summer's last strains.   God Bless!  


  1. Yes I think fall is moving in. I love sitting on the patio in the morning with my coffee, just enjoying listening and watching. I journaled about it this summer. Have a blessed day!

  2. Beautiful, Debbie. The squash on the vine is magical. The dogs are gorgeous.

  3. Up here over a mile above sea level I think I'm hearing the first notes of autumn. Our low is supposed to be in the high 30's tonight. It will probably go back and forth a while longer, though.

    The photos are so beautiful, thank you for posting them, Debbie. Give those gorgeous dogs a hug from me!



  4. Lovely post. The transition between summer and autumn is here. Today I heard the first sounds of geese arriving!

  5. I heard a favorite song of summer yesterday...the crashes and booms and rhythms of the rain. I haven't heard much of that this summer. Love those Shepherds; what a gorgeous pair!

  6. I am hearing it but in a different way. Yesterday an old man made it clear to me that this is snuggling weather. LOL I was in the post office at the time and he caught me by surprise. You see, I forget I have grey hair when I'm not looking at a reflection of myself. LOL He looked about 80 years old.

    I hope your week has been good. Week end will be upon us soon.

  7. Ah, the goldenrod. Love it. Sneeze it. Love it.
    Hope you have a great week-end
    Enjoy the full moon

  8. Oh yes, I can hear them very well , and I enjoyed this beautiful display of the late bloomers :-))

  9. I always love the last of the wildfowers and seedpods at the end of summer. Your two garden helpers are so beautiful.
    Have a great day,

  10. Indeed, summer is ending. Even here, I can feel autumn stirring.

  11. Lovely photos Debbie. We have been on a roller-coaster with the weather, hot, cold, rain, hot. Summer does not want to let go! But as you say the signs are all there, Autumn is almost here!

  12. I not only enjoy the last note's of Summer where I live I am enjoying them on the blogs. I love this time of year.....LOVE it. :) Thank you for sharing the simple beauty about you.

  13. I love summer so much but then when it comes to an end, I look forward to fall. Your photos are so poetic and you composed it into a beautiful post. Enjoy the last weekend of summer, Debbie!

  14. Debbie these are lovely, yes fall is here. Love the cool air and the smell of corn. the leaves.. just gorgeous. love to you,Diana,

  15. A favorite time of year, so crisp and fresh, I can never decide which I like best, Spring or Fall. I have noticed something odd, however, in our neck of the woods; the leaves haven't turned the rusty reds and yellows as they normally would have by now.
    Your boys are so gorgeous and huge! Don't you love big dogs?!

  16. It is sad to see the summer end, but bring on the autumn colors! Enjoy our last summer evening!

  17. You're such a poet Debbie! I love your photos and the music I hear beyond. Have a beautiful Sunday !


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