Mother's Day

Every Mother's Day I give a flowering plant to my Mom.   It is a tradition.  We both enjoy growing things.  My dear grandma loved this hobby too.   Her gardens boasted a wide variety.  There was always something blooming.   She had a "green thumb" and managed to pass it down to us.   
She would say when she shared a plant or gave one as a gift, "Don't thank me.  It might not grow."   My mom and I continue this practice.   Why?  I have no clue.   It is a silly superstition.  One that is never questioned.   Some things are what they are.  
As all gardeners know there are some plants that thrive no matter what the conditions.   Others are fussy.  They may not make it.    I am sure that if one thanked someone for a plant it would not die.    For now though I won't test fate (LOL)!
Hope everyone who is a Mom had a wonderful Mother's Day!  
God Bless.



  1. Debbie, that's the same thing that my mom would say when she gave, or received, a plant. I never did find out where that superstition originated...but I do the same thing. I think carrying on family sayings and traditions are so comforting, don't you?

    I hope you had a wonderful mother's day!



  2. I just cannot seem to keep plants alive. It is something that distresses me greatly too. For years I had a green thumb and then one day it all changed. Doesn't matter how careful I am or how hard I work at it, everything I plant dies. I love your family tradition though. How wonderful!

  3. That is such a wonderful tradition !!! My mom and I love plants too. A garden gift is Always good.
    My children don't have the bug though. I sure hope they will catch it when they are older ; )
    Have a great day.

  4. Lovely tradition! Is that a pink azalea in the photo? It is really pretty! Hope you had a great day yesterday!

  5. I hope your Mother's Day was very happy.

  6. This brought back memories of the day I left England. I gave my mother a lavender color rose bush. She used the same expression. It did grow and provided her with comfort when she watered it and me when when I received the yearly photos she sent. Love the pink azalea (?)

  7. Such a lovely post! I hope you Mother's Day was fabulous.

  8. What a sweet tradition! I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day!.

  9. I love your tradition. It is sweet. The wind has stopped - as suddenly as it started - and my little seedlings are mostly safe.

  10. My Mother's Day was spent at a flower market show that is held for three days every year here in Milan , for me one of the best ways to spent time ....a part from painting of course. Love your tradition , you never know about plants, so just keep saying it :-)) Hope you had a good day too !

  11. Hi there

    I just love that tradition, I think I will start that with my Mother as well. Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day.


  12. A wonderful Mothers day tradition...keep it going :)

  13. Wishing you a wonderful belated Mothers'Day Debbie,to your Mom too. Nanny used to say"Just say "You know how I feel." when you receive a plant from someone Ha ha.. so that 's what we do so it won't die. silly but fun isn't it.. love to you,Diana

  14. Just stopping by to say I love ya. Sorry this is so late!


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