Sweet leaves once you were bound high above the ground.  Once you provided shade from the summer heat.   Now you are dried and brown beneath my feet.
I've been spending a great deal of time with leaves these past few weeks.  
Raking, blowing and mowing them has kept me busy.  It always does at this time of the year.   I consider myself fortunate if this task is complete by Thanksgiving.  For the most part oak trees make up our woods.  They are always the last to shed their foliage.  In fact they will keep some of their leaves until spring.  

This week I gathered a variety to bring indoors to the studio. 

My favorite ones are those that are curled.   They have such interesting shapes.   I am not sure they actually will inspire a painting but I love drawing them with pen and ink and a watercolor wash.

 If nothing else it is a great exercise for these shorter days.  If any of you might need some for your own inspiration please feel free to come visit...I am sure I can find an extra rake!!

                  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a blessed night.


  1. I love leaves, I have a box of dried maple leaves from last year - still deep red. Your painting is beautiful Betty

  2. I too love the leaves, Debbie. I do not rake, ever. I love the beautiful blanket leaves make on a lawn and wish we had more leaves out there. Once the spring rolls around, they have mostly disappeared, either through the winds taking them off or the snow that has laid on them deteriorating them throughout the winter. The first mow of the spring eradicates the rest. We just remove those that land on the rubber mulch in front of the house.

  3. I love the curly leaves too, especially the ones you've painted here! I like the poetic writing at the beginning of your blog too. Thanks for a beautiful post!

  4. wonderful painting-love the swirling composition

  5. Deb, these are lovely. We don't get to see much of this, but here in Central Florida a lot of giant oaks and they do shed some leaves when the temp cools down as in NOW!
    Your watercolors are so good, I wish you would do more of them. BJ

  6. Leaves make such great subjects. I like the painting of them, especially that curled up leaf. Nice job!! Enjoy them. All of our leaves are covered by snow right now. lol

  7. I love your leaves Debbie, don't you love the way it smells in fall. take care, love,Diana

  8. Your leaves are really lovely. The drawing class at the Guild has leaves as their project this month and curly is definitely a favorite too. I notice acorns have been added too. Is that an oak tree leaf I see in yours?
    I adore the cat who appears to have a pair of white shoes!Or is that a shadow on his legs?

  9. Your leaves are lovely. I love the crunchy sound that dry leaves make beneath my feet.

  10. I love the leaves too! Your art is always so refreshing! We compost our leaves, but we have plenty so as soon as we gather some up the next day the yard is full again! I did get some nice photos of the colored leaves on the green grass this year. When I am tired of white snow, I will look back at them!

  11. I am tempted to show up with my rake...I have been doodling leaves....:)

  12. Mmmmm-your art is always beautiful to look at, and to think about-and it inspires me to get to my own drawing and painting, which have been very ignored.
    I have a huge lawn covered with leaves, and I am tempted to just leave them, but hopefully Monday will be warm, and I'll get out there and mow for the last time and sweep up the leaves for a blanket for my gardens.
    I was wondering if you know Janet Marsh's work. I have her book "Nature Diary," which I think you'd like very much if you don't already have it. I'd be glad to send it to you-I have had it for 30 years now, and would love to give it to you if you are interested.

  13. I love your leaves, such lovely shapes and colours, you captured them beautifully. I planted some bulbs too before the ground is too hard. It is so exciting to see them peeping through at spring time and so worth doing, and the pleasure they give after winter.
    Have you had any snow yet? Keep warm and have a good weekend.

  14. Beautifully done!!! I LOVE the swirliness of them -- the spontanity of their composition!!!! BRAVA!

  15. Lovely rendering of autumn leaves,so well done !

  16. You do beautiful drawings, and I love the photos of the countryside. Had to find out where Carroll county is, looks pretty close to the Amish area, so no wonder your photos are beautiful, that's a gorgeous part of Ohio. Loved reading about your local fair, too. My class is painting leaves right now, guess we were all in the mood due to the wonderful fall colors this year. I've added you to my blog roll and will look forward to seeing your work.

  17. I love your leaves; they are so pretty! My husband just finished blowing all of our fallen leaves into the woods. Pretty handy. Not as much exercise for me, though. LOL You've inspired me to paint a few leaves...

  18. I love reading your thoughtful words.....you are so poetic.
    Hubby and my two kids went out to rake our maple leaves this past weekend. There was a big pile, and I dare say, I witnessed a little jumping and rolling!! I love fall.

    Your painted leaves look great, boy it's been a long time since I've done an upclose nature study of leaves.....that would make a great homeschooling art session! Thanks for the inspiration!

    And also, a huge thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. You are a treasure! XO

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  19. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I see we share a leaf obsession. :) I also have a big pile of curly leaves in my studio--some to paint, some just to look at.


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