Indian Summer

Indian Summer brushed the countryside this week-end.   It colored the sky with a blue haze.    Warm temperatures returned and we were given a bonus of a few lovely days.
Dick and I took the opportunity to take what may be the last motorcyle ride of the season.     We traveled south to the Atwood Lake Area.   

There were a few fishermen out.
It seemed they were taking advantage of 
November's last fling as well.

Walking beside the lake I paused to give thanks for our Veterans.  These special men and women in the armed forces have given so much.  Because of their great sacrifice I can enjoy the freedom of a day such as this.   What an honor and a privilege to be free.

Thank you to all who have served this country with love and great courage.

                                                             May God Bless You!


  1. Evening Debbie, I am glad you and your hubby got to take an Indian summer motorcycle ride! Yeah, not many nice days left. Seems like GOD gives a us few COLD days to remind us what is coming and to prepare then gives us a few NICE days left to enjoy before settling down for winter. And to all the VETERANS...THANK YOU for your service! Roxie

  2. Great photos! Yesterday we had summer and today winter with a bit of snow! Thank you for mentioning the Veterans we owe them so much. My family has quite a few that have served. Have a wonderful week!

  3. I didn't even step outside this weekend! We had a thunderstorm Saturday morning then it brightened up. Yesterday we had pretty high winds that could be heard whipping the house. Glad you had a fun last hurrah on the motorcycle. Sounds like it was a great day and thank you for remembering our service men and women.

  4. Hi Debbie I've just been catching up with what you've been up to. Glad you managed to fit in a motorcycle ride before winter sets in. Something I have never tried. I nearly got a go in my younger days but then I chickened out. As to leaves; there's loads in my front yard when you've finished raking up yours if you like... :-) Keep enjoying the season my friend as I keep hearing it's going to be a harsh winter this year. Take care. xx

  5. An honor and privilege indeed! Looks like you had a wonderful day in this glorious weather!

  6. Oh-it looks so beautiful there. I do love November.
    It's warm here today, but too windy to do the yard work I was going to do (awwwww :) )!
    Love you

  7. It's warm here and humid and my hair is a frizzy mess. I am praying for cold weather because I can't wait to wear by boots :) Looks like you had a wonderful weekend.

  8. What a nice day for a motorcycle ride .I talked my husband into storing his bike away for the winter not thinking we would have warm weather again....oop's ! :)

  9. Yes we should not forget our armed services.
    Many thanks to them.
    You had a lovely weekend and I didn't do too bad either.

  10. What a beautiful day! Your pictures are always so peaceful and awesome in their expanse. Thank you so much for your kinds words dear friend; please excuse my present tardiness -- I'm still phlemy! Have a super blessed weekend :)

  11. Hello Debbie,
    Beautiful photographs
    On Sunday I walked in the cemetery nearby picking up flags that don't stay in the holders, saying a prayer and thinking about the sacrifices out troops have made through the years.

    The weather here the last two days has been magical it's been so warm. Today's rain and overcast skies aren't a bother after such a gorgeous unexpected Indian Summer in November

  12. Hi Debbie,
    Came by to visit your blog, I love your drawings and paintings,so beautiful! You live in such an inspiring place. love all your books too!

  13. Beautiful photos! Looks like you captured the warmth of the day. Nice sentiments to the veterans.

  14. Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment, really enjoyed looking at your blog, such lovely thoughts well documented. :)


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