My childhood treasure...

She was my childhood treasure.   When I was five she was the only gift for Christmas that would satisfy.  
Of course like most kids at that age there was no knowledge of the cost of things.  I just knew that if she was mine I would love her forever. 
When Christmas morning arrived she was not under the tree.   Trying to not be sad was hard.   I had really thought Santa would bring her.
After the opening of the other presents my dad called me into the kitchen.   There was a box standing by the cupboard.   She was inside.   My child's heart nearly burst with joy and surprise.   She was so beautiful. 
Many years later my mother told me that she had stood in line for several hours to buy this special gift.   At that time in her life money was not plentiful.  It was a true sacrifice of love.  
Cathy became my constant companion...when I went to town she came along...if I stayed overnite at my grandparents she stayed too.   She was well worn and my Dad eventually had to hold her together with electrical tape.   I don't recall all the things she would say but I do remember she would tell me she loved me.   I needed to hear it.  I pulled her string so often that eventually her voice changed and I love you came out sounding like loverty.   It became a pet name that dad called mom.  He still does after all these years.
Time has moved on and I no longer am 5 but 55.  I've been through some changes and so has Cathy.  I had to touch up her face and put in a few freckles that had faded with age.   She no longer says "loverty" but her eyes still sparkle.  When I have a bad day she is still there to listen. 
She is a treasured part of my past.  A reminder of my parents' love for me.
So glad I could share her with you today.     God Bless !          


  1. Oh, Pixie, this is so brings tears to my eyes...(and, I know I've said it before, but you are so blessed to have your dear parents!)...I wasn't really a "doll" child, but I dearly loved and played with my MOM's stuffed rabbit,(of all things, I know) from the late 1920s...can you imagine? By the early 60s he was already pretty patched and ragged, but I loved him. He wasn't "fur", but a red and blue, "stars and stripes" cotton fabric. I haven't thought about Peter for a long time, but I hope he's still with me, in one of the "keep" boxes...(which I am slowly but surely going through!)

  2. Both your story of Cathy and Anne's story of Peter have just touched me this morning. Thank you both for sharing.

  3. this doll is begging to be painted in a lovely watercolor by you!

  4. I recognized Chatty Cathy immediately! I had that doll too, and spent many happy hours playing with her.

  5. Oh what a beautiful post!!! I'm starting to cry!!!

  6. What a wonderful memory and I'm so glad you still have her!!

  7. What a lovely real-life story. Thanks for sharing it. I am sure she serves as a wonderful memory of you childhood.

  8. I had one too.. oh my gosh.. thank you for sharing your beautiful story and bringing back memories. love to you,Diana

  9. What a sweet story; she is a beauty. I still love my Bear from when I was a baby; it's wonderful how these treasures hold such dear, precious memories.

  10. Oh Debbie what an adorable tale that had me riveted. Cathy was obviously was well loved and so were you to receive such a beautiful treat. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I feel privileged to have read this post. xx

  12. She is still beautiful Debbie, and I had the same feeling from my parents also.. I was a very lucky little girl.
    I think you were too.
    ONe day I'll post my doll that was given to me on my 10th birthday. I still have her. BJ

  13. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. I remember this doll, I am a good bit older than you but our daughter had a Chaty Cathy. I really enjoyed looking back over your blog, you do really beautiful art work. I miss the changing seasons, we left Illinois in 1974, to live in the Fla. Keys spent 30 years there and have been here in north Fla. since 2003. Be blessed and have a great week-end.

  14. My Aunt Eunice gifted my Chatty Cathy on my 7th Christmas,and a trunk full of lovely clothes! My parents could never have afforded her. I loved her to bits,as you did yours. Mine is a blond, but shortly after I got her, the string came loose from the ring, disappeared down the hole in her back, and she never spoke another word! I still have my Cathy, but her little blue shoes have gone missing.
    Thank you so much for your visit, I think I will take a stroll along Harmony Hills.

  15. Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such thoughtful comments. I spent some time today visiting yours too... The landscape you live in is beautiful and I'm sure provides much inspiration. I hope to see some art inspired by your new neighbors! They are very charming... and I'm sure Sarge will come to see it in time! I hope to move somewhere eventually where I can grow some veggies... I'll be back to see more... Please stop by and visit again too...

  16. What a wonderful posting... a treasured memory. And to think she's still a beautiful friend for you.


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