A few bits and some pieces...

Just a few bits and some pieces of life to share.  
 As you can see I've been berry picking.   It came early this year.    These juicy sweeties were ready by the end of May.    I baked a shortcake and lightly sugared the fruit.   Made real sweetened whip cream for over the top.  (I was certainly not counting calories).   They were delicious.  Nothing like fresh strawberries to get summer started.

On another note my kitty Smokey met with an accident (not sure what happened- may have gotten kicked by the neighbor's cow).  He has a cracked knee-cap.  Doc our local vet  did not have to set it.  We did have to be careful for a week and keep him rather confined.   That proved to be a challenge.  Also getting anti-biotic into him twice a day was no picnic.  I think I had more medicine on me than in him.  He is on the mend.  Cats are truly resilient.  Perhaps there is something to that " nine lives" bit.

Finally finished the summer mulching.  Does anybody remember when this practice started?  Growing up we never mulched. (That probably gives away my age).  Now every year I find myself like so many others piling these colored wood chips all around the garden.  It looks nice when one is finished.   I confess there are some of my woodland beds that do not get this dressed up.  If I did all the borders I would still be working when the autumn leaves were falling.  

Here is a piece of what is blooming in the garden now.
Scooter on the Prowl !

Took a bit of time this evening to work in my sketchbook.   I may not always find time to paint but I try daily to draw or doodle.   When I do this I feed my soul.
Thank you for taking some time to let me share a few bits and pieces.   Have a great day!
God Bless.   


  1. Glad to read Smokey is on the mend - and love yoursketches! xx

  2. Well, I sure think the sketches are beautiful, Debbie. I really love that cheery table cloth too. Poor kitty! I am glad to know he is on the mend though. Your garden is beautiful! I was going to say that I don't mulch (and my family didn't when I was growing up either), but I guess that would be a falsehood. We recently pulled up whatever was growing in front of this house and put in rubber mulch. I think it needs more mulch in there still.

  3. Wonderful post

    My eyes caught the tablecloth as well. I love those old 1950s-ish patterns.
    Well heal fast wishes to Smokey

    As a kid, I remember grass clipping mulch, but not garden wood chippy things strewn about the flower beds. Mulch chips are like icicle lights, they just popped up in the stores out of nowhere.

  4. lovely sketch Debbie-I've always been partial to gray cats. Hope Smokey recovers soon. You've inspired me to put some foxglove in the ground-beautiful flowers.

  5. Poor Smokey. Hope he is all mended up. Your garden looks so happy. Mine is rain soaked.

  6. I love your art work-you are very talented, and you are inspiring me to get into my own sketchbooks. I seem to only use them when I want to work out something I'm making.
    Love the kitties-and your gardens are lovely. I love foxglove too-it's beautiful.

  7. Those strawberries (and the thought of the shortcake) are making me hungry. Your sketch is beautiful. Have a wonderful week.


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