Sunday, February 18, 2024

"Come Back"

 Winter made a " come back" this weekend.  The windchill this morning was 3 degrees below zero.  

After a couple weeks of almost spring like weather we found the change to be bone chilling. 

Kelsey was content to get indoors after a brisk jaunt outside. We both like our walk but today it was a challenge with the wind blowing. 

 Mr. Nuthatch took shelter from the cold by clinging to his wind break.  Amazing how even with no leaves these old oaks yield a place that is warmer than out in the open.

The sunshine helped to add some warmth and even started to melt the snow.  By late afternoon patches of grass were peaking through.  By tomorrow we are to see temperatures returning to the 40's.  I am not sad!

Speaking of returning - finished "The Return" by Nicholas Sparks.  It was a good read.

Also found some time this past week to do a bit of sketching.                        


Even made a few plans for the coming spring.

Thanks for taking time to visit.  Hope you will share what is happening in your part of the world. 



 "Have you entered the storehouses of the snow" Job38:22a (NIV)


  1. Beautiful photos and lovely sketches!! I'm happy for you to have the cold and snow. I do like seeing it! Ha.

  2. Love your sketches!! You should do more...
    Cold there!!! Brrrrr.
    Stay warm...

  3. Brrr…when it get cold there it doesn’t fool around! Have a great week.

  4. Yes indeed there is a Brrry cold this week!
    No matter how the sun shines, I know no snow will be melting. We had another dusting last night. It looks like Vermont's winter 2024 can be called The Dusting Season.

  5. Below zero.....sounds really cold. But that first picture is just so pretty. We are having cold weather too, and rain all week. Kelsey looks all snug there laying in the corner. I like your calendar, it's very cheerful.

    Enjoy the last of the February days, Debbie.


  6. We are actually having a winter of sorts in Florida, and I am loving it. It was 43 for my walk today, which is pretty chilly for my part of the world. I love your pretty planner--hope you're filling your days with simple pleasures and everyday adventures ;)

  7. It's nice to see the seasons go by, it's nice and it's like, it's life.
    Around here we usually say that if we organize ourselves well there is time for everything, reading, walking, drawing, everything.
    Best regards.

  8. I hope the cold and snow have disappeared by now. There is a storm today blowing over our little country. Love your sketches! Have a great week, Debbie!

  9. The weather goes from cold to warm and back again. Tomorrow it will be in the single digits here. I'm not in favor of that. Love seeing what you've been sketching and reading. That is one of Nicholas Sparks books that I've read too. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and stay warm!

  10. Esta estación es especial para estar al calor del hogar, muy hermosos tus bocetos, que se hagan realidad en tu s pinturas, un salido caluroso desde Argentina.


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