Saturday, April 1, 2023

April Fools

April 1st certainly lived up to its name - April Fools Day!

It dawned sunny and lovely but by noon dark clouds and gusty winds moved in.  All afternoon we were under a high wind advisory.  Temperature dropped from 63 degrees to 41 in a few short hours.  Snow showers are forecast for overnight.

Yes my friends this was truly an April Fool's Day.

How was yours?  Drop me a line and let me know.

May all who are celebrating Palm Sunday tomorrow have a lovely one.



"The fool says in his heart, There is no God."  Psalm 14:1a (NIV)


  1. We had a beautiful day! Ha. First day with little wind in a while. Hope your spring comes back. Hugs.

  2. Well, same here, snow has covered the land here end of March, and still on the ground in April. A big snow, and a tree limb even fell to the ground. But I've noticed the birds taking shelter in it and loving it.

    I'd love to see your snow, take some pictures, if you can.

    Happy April days to you, Debbie.


  3. It was rather chilly this morning so we had a small fire in the stove. I have been planting some in the gardens; hoping we won't have another frost but that is iffy, for sure.

  4. It's cold here in Holland too, but fortunately the sun is shining today. That makes such a difference. Have a wonderful week, Debbie, hugs!

  5. In the Netherlands, April 1st is not only known as April Fools Day, but also as "1 april, verloor Alva zijn Brielle" (1 April, Alva lost his Brielle (the ciy of Den Briel), which refers to the capture of the Dutch city of Den Briel by the Watergeuzen led by William van Oranje on April 1, 1572. It's interesting how a historical event like this has become a part of the national jokes day tradition.

    We forgot to make jokes on April 1st. Only my husband said to our son, "Hey, did you lose your earring?" Our son immediately grabbed his ear :-)

  6. Somehow I missed your post last week. Easter is almost here and the earth is sending out lots of beauty to celebrate the season. Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

  7. Here in the UK, several seasons in one day isn't unusual, in fact we rarely rely on our weather forecasts as everything is always so changeable.


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