Cozy Things To Welcome Autumn

With Fall's arrival this past week I found myself doing cozy things.

The last gladiolas of summer begged to be picked.

The cooler days made us hungry for cornbread baked in an iron skillet. (Somehow it tastes better done this way.)

Spent more time in the studio because the evenings are arriving earlier.  

Afternoon walks provided lots of treasures to gather.

These will be fun to sketch.

The wildflowers this time of the year are lovely to cut and dry.  They make delightful arrangements to hang or display in baskets.  

Lastly a pleasant book to read before bedtime makes a good ending to a day.

These were some of the cozy things I did to welcome autumn.

Maybe you will share yours too.

Take care and have a blessed week.



"...the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old."  Matt:14:52 b (NIV)



  1. Your wildflower bouquet is so pretty. I find it really hard to dry flowers. Maybe because it's so humid over here. Fall has arrived but it still feels mostly like summer here. Sigh.

  2. Looking at your photos makes me feel like fall is actually here and I should be snuggled under a cosy blanket rocking on my front porch. That is such a relaxing thought. Enjoy these cosy joys of fall, my friend. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Isn't it funny how these cooler days have us gathering bits and pieces of nature to enhance our lives. It is comforting to find that nature carries on, as do I.

  4. Love your cozy things! Especially the wildflowers. I'm still waiting for autumn to arrive, but in the meantime, I'll put up some fall decorations to coax it into being. I'm looking forward to making soup, chicken chili, and cornbread. My grocery store had its first display of mini pumpkins and cinnamon brooms this week, and that's one of the fall indicators here in Florida!

  5. Happy Autumn!
    Gathering things to sketch eases the mind to relax.

  6. Those are the most beautiful gladiolas I've seen. Such a soft pretty color. I intended to plant a whole row of Glads in my garden this year...but never did. Oh, and I too love to gather fall things when we walk. I baked cornbread in a cast iron pan for supper yesterday.

  7. Beautiful flowers and fall goodies. I haven’t had cornbread like that in ages. We did have beans and rice with red chile and tortillas which is a fall meal for us. We aren’t having much of a fall yet. I think it was about 92 degrees F today.

  8. I love all things your re sharing. It gives me new, fresh inspiration. So thank you, lieve vriendin.

  9. I love baking in my iron skillets, too. Have you ever baked a pie in yours. Apple pie looks so pretty when baked in an iron skillet especially this time of year :) They are deeper than a pie pan, too and make a nice deep dish pie.

  10. Super beautiful gladiolas. And your paintings are pretty and amazing. During my walking days I also saw beautiful things of autumn like the changing colors of leaves, wildflowers, etc. Happy autumn days. Stay healthy and God bless.

  11. Love the Scripture...and I always love to see what you're painting and reading. Take good care my friend!

  12. The gladiolas are so pretty, and somehow they look like Fall in the vase you put them in.
    I sure do love cornbread, and it's always better with a dab of butter. I love the treasures
    you found in nature, especially that heart-shaped leaf. These all look like Fall, and a
    sketching of them would be nice. The dried flowers are so lovely, and the ribbon adds a
    nice touch.

    Have a blessed Fall week, Debbie.


  13. Autumn is very special Debbie, for everything, for its contrasts, for the return to normality and routine after summer, for those walks in the countryside, today I saw the migratory birds already looking for other latitudes, it is to enjoy everything in a special way
    Best regards.

  14. So many lovely watercolors, you certainly spent the cooler nights well :-)


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