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A Trio

Last Friday I had some time to experiment with a trio of colors.   I chose Azo Yellow - Quin. Rose and Cobalt blue. Just these three tubes of paint produced such a variety of bright hues as well as some lovely neutrals. As I considered the trio concept it brought to mind how many times the number three shows up in life.  So often we here the quote "A third time is a charm"... or "good things come in threes" or as my beloved Mother- in- Law used to say when two famous people died it would not be long before a third would follow.  In art we have three primary colors that cannot be mixed to create yellow, red and blue.  Often we are taught the rule of thirds in composition.  Great paintings generally carry the same touches of color in three spots - Papa Bear - Mama Bear and Baby Bear. I know the Bible certainly holds many examples of a threesome.   Three visitors appeared to Abraham, Jesus prayed three times for the cup of sufferi


Today I am grateful for the sparrows that visit... the thin blanket of snow that covers the woodland floor... the fragrant aroma of cinnamon and baked apples... the time to tangle indoors while outdoors winter comes a little early. May everyone who is celebrating Thanksgiving this week have a blessed one.  To my all my friends everywhere hope you are finding lovely gifts of gratefulness.    Hugs Debbie

Brief Visit

Autumn' s visit was brief... two weeks late when it arrived.  Gone before we could catch our breath. It did not give us the usual vivid colors that we hope to see.  Many of the trees lost their leaves before turning. (hubby's & my shadows)  What it lacked in vibrant foliage though was made up by dramatic skies. There was even a lovely rainbow to remind us that some things do remain the same. Hope all of you are having a beautiful week.   Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.   I am mending and even hobbling about!  God Bless Debbie 


Some promises in this life get broken.  God's love is not one.    He always comes through even when we doubt.  Today I am spending time "looking up". Please have a wonderful day.  Hope you will " look up" too and catch a glimpse of His love! Hugs Debbie P.S. speaking of broken - last week I managed to slip in the mud and break my ankle.   Maybe some of you will "look up" for me too! :)