I went looking for spring yesterday.

This is what I found.

Forsythia starting to flower...

Daffodils and blue squill blooming

Virginia blue bells showing color...

someone singing a sweet tune

and lastly two friends basking in warm sunshine.

May each of you find some spring today.

God Bless



  1. Lovely photos!!! Spring was here for 2 days and sort of disappeared again today. The forsythia has started to bloom here too...and the daffs. I love when everything starts blooming. Enjoy this week. I hope it is a beautiful one for you!

  2. How lovely to see the blooming. Still waiting for our forsythias but I did see a Robin and then another one the next day. Then I thought, did I see two Robins or just one Robin on two days. Hmmm! Oh well, now we have a coating of ice on the ground today. Such fun. Have a great week!

  3. Love the Daffodils!!!!! Happy Spring!!! (Even though it's pouring here..lol). I guess that's part of keeping everything green....

  4. Most beautiful, Deb .. spring at its onset ... Have a great week!

  5. Looks like you definitely found some nice spring! Cold and rainy where I am. :)

  6. So glad spring is finally coming, I'm looking forward to getting some flowers for the patio soon, hope you get to enjoy many beautiful days outside.

  7. Enjoy your spring. The daffodils look beauty. Ours withered a long time ago.

  8. You must be thrilled to see signs of spring! I just changed out the coverlet on our bed in honor of spring/summer. I'm enjoying every moment of what remains of our nice weather.

  9. Beautiful photos as always, Debbie! Daffodils are my favorite flower, and they won't grow well here in Coastal North Florida. So I enjoyed seeing yours. I also loved seeing the page from your sketchbook in your previous post--truly lovely.

  10. Beautiful signs of spring!

  11. Dear Debbie, thank you very much for beautiful photos and a lovely post. Autumn is coming in Sydney. Take care and enjoy your life fully. You're in my prayer. Best wishes, Sadami

  12. I love forsythia and daffodils because of their bright yellow color - my favorite color. In my neighborhood, I can see plenty of them. Thanks for sharing those beautiful spring flowers. Wish you great and blessed days. God bless

  13. Spring is being elusive here. It's snowing.
    I love your yellows-they always make it look like the sun is shining!
    Love to you...

  14. Lovely post, Debbie. Spring has decided to park and stay a while around here, too.
    Yes, we are blessed...

  15. Isn't this just the best season of them all, love the yellow Spring announcer ! !

  16. I love the Forsythia - daffodils, tulip and Pussy Willows take me back to my childhood. So do the snowdrops you showed us earlier.
    A lovely time of year. New beginnings...
    Your two best friends look very happy.


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