As I have shared in the past I often struggle with whether a painting or sketch is finished.

Wouldn't it be nice to know for certain?

This peach tree knows it is not finished until it bears fruit.

As far as my brother is concerned this chocolate cake is finished :)!

To my eye this small painting is finished.    There is nothing more I want to say.

 Not so certain about this one.  Perhaps I will set it aside and think on it a bit.

As for the little sparrow it seems to always know when the bird seed is finished and it is time to go.

Upon that thought I will say this week's post is finished and it is time for me to go also.

Hope each of you have a wonderful week.



"Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array.   By the seventh day God had finished  the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work."
Genesis 2:1-2 (NIV) 


  1. Knowing when to stop is the hardest thing in watercolor. :) I often go too far and decide to do a second version, hoping I remember my first mistakes in time. Your paintings both look beautiful!
    That chocolate cake looks delicious!

  2. Love the paintings. For some reason, which I cannot explain, I know when it is finished. That doesn't mean I'll never go back with a correction, but I never do.

  3. A thought provoking post. I think you correctly qualified the finished with, “ To my eye...”. The tree bears fruit ... the artist bears their talent...and in the same way some fruit on the tree isnt as perfect as the others but is still fruit from the same tree.. , that happens with the painting. Only time increases the percentage of sucess. The tree grows bigger and the percentage of the crop is better - the artist paints more and their percentage of successful, knowing when to stop, is better. I think personal taste also comes into play, dont you? Who would ever tell Vermeer that every detail in his paintings were too much and he should have stopped sooner. But he might of thought that himself. ??? It is all fascinating.
    As for your paintings here... i love them both.
    Cake made my mouth water!
    Have a beautiful and blessed week.

  4. It looks as if a cross sits in the field in your last photo. Beautiful! In fact, all of are beautiful, especially your artwork!

    Finished? Tough call sometimes. My mentor told me to put the front of the painting to the wall and look at it with fresh eyes days later. Another artist told me to hold it up to a mirror or to turn the painting upside down and look at it; that any parts needing attention would shout out. And, if that doesn't confuse, I read to display the painting in a spot where you walk by and notice it several times a day.

    I think Julie is right - "To my eye" is the qualifier. You will just know.

    Trusting you will have a great week, too, Debbie.

  5. A very thoughtful and relevant post! It IS difficult to tell at times when is the time to call it quits, cease work on something, or just to "feel" something has reached the end. It's a hard call some of the time, but if our senses tell us it is so, it probably is.

  6. It is true. Sometimes if is hard to k now for certain whether something is finished. It happens to me a lot. Your paintings are very beautiful and both look finished to me. Have a wonderful week.


  8. LOVE the chocolate cake !!!! Your watercolor is beautiful and I think it's finished!!!!

  9. Lovely photos...especially that last one. My mouth is watering after seeing that chocolate cake...yummy! I like both of your paintings! I find with negative painting it is hard to decide when enough is enough. Lovely!! Have a wonderful week. I will be traveling but hope to get to post on my blog if I have internet where I will be.

  10. It's learning to trust yourself isn't it? So hard. I like the gently flowing composition of the flower and leaves.

  11. I think both of your lovely paintings are finished , but I know how you feel :-) Somebody ( who ? ) once said these clever words ' Your painting is probably finished long before YOU are ' :-) I often think of that when I can't get to stop a painting.

  12. Seeing the end result from all perspectives is a wonderful gift to have had bestowed upon you. I love the last photo of the snow which happens to be in the shape of the Cross. It's like the Lord has blessed our earth. Enjoy your day.

  13. The cake looks wonderful! In the last photo, it looks like there is a water cross laying in the grass!

  14. Oh my, that chocolate cake looks delicious! Both paintings look beautiful to me. Blessings, Victoria

  15. Wow, Debbie, I love your second painting so much!! Always your post lifts us up. Photos are lovely and sweet; that are from your personality. Take care not to catch a cold. We're getting into an autumn. Cheers, ((Hugsh)), Sadami

  16. I usually find it’s finished when I begin thinking “Is it finished?” Ha ha. Lovely paintings and photos!!! Have a wonderful weekend - spring is here, finally :)

  17. What a deceptively simple and lovely post. Food for thought, and I like the idea that you'll set the painting aside before deciding whether or not it's finished. Sometimes we need to take just a little time to evaluate something--a painting, a situation--before taking action.


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