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Thank You!

Shelby We just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your thoughtful condolences.    Sarge was so loved by all of us.   He is certainly missed.    In spite of the winter weather Shelby and I continue to take our daily walks.    The fields are painted white.  Gray skies cloud the view.   The bare tree branches  reach high seeking hope that the sun will shine again. So it is with me. My sweet mom has been  hospitalized for a broken back (sacroiliac).  Unable to walk or move she has been bed fast since January 1st.  We thought a week ago things were improving when they moved her to a rehab center.  Unfortunately there were complications and she had to return to the hospital.   Some of you have personally emailed me and are praying for her.    Thank you.    Your prayers and thoughts are so appreciated.  For certain it is what changes the course of things.  "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective."  James 5:16b (NIV) "Looking Up"

Missing His Tracks

Sarge I am missing His tracks.   For eleven wonderful years he kept his beside mine.  He was the "Other Man In My Life". My constant companion.  . From the time he was six weeks old until the end his devotion for me never waned. With certainty this type of dog only comes once in a life time.  What a blessing and a gift that for a short while he was mine. Sleep well sweet boy.   I am so missing your tracks.  


WIP Sometimes when things are reduced to black and white one can see values much better.   Colors often confuse the sense of how dark or light something appears.   Life can be the same.   One can get caught up in the business of living and become confused about what is valuable.  Perspective gets lost and so we fail to see what is important.  We miss golden opportunities to connect not only with our loved ones but the stranger on the street. As this new year unfolds I am hoping to see those values more clearly.    Wishing the same for each of you my friends.   Please have a blessed week. Hugs Debbie  

A Positive New Year

Shelby at almost 2 yrs. Shelby is sharing a few tips for a positive new year. 1.   Believe that everything happens for a reason; that in the end good things come out of adversity. 2.   Live with purpose and passion.  Success and happiness are sure to find you. 3.   Be grateful. 4.  Smile - it not only makes everyone else feel happier but you as well. 5.  When you work - work hard; when you play - play hard.       Both are necessary. 6.   Eat well - get enough sleep - and don't forget to exercise. 7.  Finally remember life is a precious gift and we are only given one -  so let's enjoy unwrapping it. Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year.  God Bless! P.S.  Due to some life's challenges that have come my way  I may be only posting once a week.   Will try to visit each of you as often as possible.   Hugs Debbie    

Blessed New Year!

Wishing everyone  a Blessed New Year!   May it be filled with many blessings and much joy! Hugs Debbie!