Summer is here!

Summer is here - it slipped in the door today.  The temperatures in NE Ohio are very warm and humid.   The weather man is predicting a cool front coming in tomorrow evening.   That will be welcome.  Some much needed rain arrived on Sunday and Monday.  The garden seemed to leap overnight.   The flowers had a lovely bath and everything renewed.

I took the opportunity to enjoy morning's mist with Sarge.   He always joins me as I move about in the garden.  We check out what is blooming.   Perhaps a weed or two will get a pull.

With the arrival of this warmer season the mowing slows a bit and the frenzy of spring passes.    Summer is my time to sit back and relax.   I catch up on my reading and art.

  I have stretched a couple of sheets of cold-press and hot press paper - revisited some old sketches -


gathered a few photo references - and am in the process of experimenting with some different color mixes.

Will keep you posted as things progress.

It is time now to go "look-up" - hope you will too.
Looking Up

Wishing you God's Blessings for a wonderful summer!


  1. We're getting mid-90's here and the humidity has arrived too. Unfortunately, we just aren't getting much rain. Your art is so beautiful, Debbie. So wish I could have work like this!

  2. Happy MidSummer to you. Such wonderful drawings. You are a true artist !!
    Wonderful day to you
    God Bless

  3. It's so hot here. I wish it would rain and freshen things up but I know we won't see any rain before September - if we're lucky.

  4. So very beautiful Debbie, I'm looking up with you, love,Diana

  5. Beautiful paintings of birds Debbie - love your attention to detail!

  6. beautiful sketches of birds and flowers debbie

  7. The birds and flowers are beautifully done! More, please :) No rain with heat and humidity south of you - typical summer in northern KY.

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog, it is always nice to meet a fellow artist.

    I love your bird paintings.

  9. I really enjoy this look into your sketchbook...wonderful work. What a place to go walking with Sarge tooooo, wow.


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