Amazing transformation...

What an amazing transformation this small white flower underwent.  In just a few short weeks the delicate petal became a gorgeous fruit. 
 Considering this small miracle I reflect on how we as humans are transformed as well.  We are given the gift of life with no clear knowledge of where that life will take us.  Certainly we make plans.  We have our dreams.   Some of us may achieve our hopes...others will find that their paths take them to places they never planned.

Having attended several graduation parties this past month.  I reflected on what lies ahead for these new graduates.  Where will life take them?  What will be their challenges?  Perhaps they will differ a bit from ours.   Still the basic human need remains the same.   To love and be loved.  Everything else is just what's in between.

Love is the tool that transforms.  It can heal a hurt.   It can mend a broken relationship.   It can right a wrong.   Love can change all things.   It did over two thousand years ago... It still is today.

Think I will go transform these berries into a pie - thanks for stopping by.  Have a Blessed week!


  1. An absolute truth and a wonderful post.

  2. oh you just go make that pie, and I'll be stopping by for a slice.
    In some small way you are off the coast of Florida (Tropical Storm Debby) which is giving us a lot of grief. Wind, rain, tornadoes. It's not moving much, which is the worst thing, because there is no end to it. So just come on shore, will you? LOL ! I didn't sleep well last night. One ear on the storm .. but I send you a hug anyway

  3. So beautifully said !! So true !!
    You never know what lies ahead and maybe that is good.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Blessings !!

  4. Beautiful post. Our berries are not ripe yet-but I'm sure looking forward to it!

  5. Happy Pie!

    Pie should be in the must have food groups.

  6. I love your words. Love can, indeed, do great things - as long as we open our heart to it. Have a great week.

  7. Hi Debbie, thanks for commenting on my blog. I have been looking through yours, now, and like it very much! So I am now one of your followers. Hope you will follow mine as well.

  8. We are behind you in the berries. More the end of July. Your words are so true and my prayers go out to all graduating now. They have such a different world than when we graduated.
    By the way the sun came out today!!!!!!


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