Sunday, August 31, 2014


September is a month of transition.  The days grow a bit shorter - the cricket's chorus a bit louder and the temperatures a bit cooler.  

The scenery continues to look like summer but there are touches of color here and there.

 In the fields harvest time is seen.

 Wagons are filled with the last cuttings of the season.

Garden"s bounty is being put by.

The hills are waiting to exchange their greens for more brilliant hues.

Transitioning is in the air.   September is here!

May each of you enjoy it - God Bless.  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August's Farewell

It is time for August's farewell.   The sunflowers have come to say goodbye.   They are bravely holding onto their sunny disposition.

The cosmos have started to wave.  They will be here when September makes its arrival.

The morning glory vines are clamoring over everything.  They do not want to miss these last moments of August's passing.

The freshly picked tomatoes know this warm month is almost over.   They too will be sad to see it go.

As for me I am trying to record some of this months treasures before they are at their end.

Hope all of you are preparing your farewell and enjoying these last moments of August.
Have a great day.   God Bless!

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Unmerited favor - God's amazing grace.

It is found in the dawn of a new morning...


the beauty of a flower...

the flight of a bird

the moon's light...

 and always in the Son!   Have a grace filled week.

God Bless!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I just learned a new word for zucchini.    Came across it through Elaine's blog at  Ramblings from Rosebank.  (  If you have not had the joy of visiting her lovely English garden - please do.  You are in for a real treat.)   She had mentioned courgettes in one of her posts.   When I had some time decided to research this word.  It is French for Zucchini or squash.

Also learned it is not a vegetable but  botanically a fruit.
They are something that grows every year in my garden. There are endless ways of preparing them.  Great fried or made into bread, cookies, and even cake.

  This zucchini relish has become a necessary item for the pantry.   Just finished canning some for winter.   My family loves it.   It is delicious on hot dogs/ burgers and even a bit in potato salad.

Zucchini/courgettes have such a mild flavor.  This makes them very versatile...shredded and put in pineapple juice - one can't tell it is not crushed pineapple.

Hungry for an apple dessert but no apples...peel it and slice it thin with cinnamon and brown sugar -place in a double crust and you have a great mock apple pie.

So whether it is called zucchini, courgettes or squash it is definitely a wonderful fruit to grow.
Just don't get too carried away like I have and plant more than a just may be eating it til you turn green. (LOL)!  

Well I think it is time to get out of the kitchen and back into the studio.   Hmm - maybe I should paint a couple of courgettes!!

Have a great day!  

Sunday, August 17, 2014


For the past three days I have been puttering.

Did some in the studio...

some in the vegetable patch...

 and just a little in the kitchen.
White Chocolate Raspberry Bars

Hot Air Balloon
Then when my puttering was done spotted this lovely sight.   Hubby captured it on film.   So glad he did.

Hope all of you had some time to putter as well.
Have a blessed week!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


 Most often August is generally very hot and dry here.   This year though we are enjoying cool temperatures.   The garden has received an abundance of rain all summer.   This has made everything flourish.
 I am appreciating that the flowers are still blooming well.
These morning glories will keep the show going until frost.

 The dill seems to love the extra moisture.   It has spread everywhere.

Don't recall the poppies ever blooming this late in the summer.  They dislike hot weather.

Holly Hocks continue to grow tall.  Wonder if they are trying to touch the sky!

Even the field remains lush and green.  It still needs mowed every week.

Some folks enjoy those "dog days" of August.  I much prefer skipping them.   How about you?

Thanks for taking time to visit.   Hope you have a great end to your week.    God Bless!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

While Absent

Look what happened while absent.

 July stumbled into August!

Sunflowers and phlox showed up in the garden...

 beans were put up for winter...

 a  local car show took place...

An old cemetery was discovered.

a bit of tangling went on...

 and a few tomatoes started to ripen.

Most importantly I missed You!    So glad to be back.    Have a blessed day.



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