Place of Escape

This is my place of escape on a hot summer afternoon.

At Harmony Hills August is generally a month when one wants to find a cool spot to relax.

The flowers begin to wane in the heat and the garden like myself takes a bit of rest.

I gather a few good books - a cool drink and find the glider .  It sits in a shady spot which is perfect when there is a breeze. 

On my reading list is Max Lucado's "Unshakable Hope".   I have read his books for years and always find them so inspirational.  This one is no exception.

For a light mystery that always ends well and a good who-done it - Mary Higgins Clark is a favorite.  "The Melody Lingers On" appears to be a quick, fun read.  Will let you know.

Last have chosen an author that is new to me- Diane Chamberlain - "Her Mother's Shadow" looks like it will be a fascinating read that takes place on the "Outer Banks" of North Carolina.
Well friends maybe you will share your place of escape with me.

Have a blessed week.


P.S. This is my first post written on the new e-blogger.  It was a challenge but managed to navigate .  For this not so techie person - will say this post took a bit longer than usual.  Hope next week it will be easier !😊    

" ...but through knowledge the righteous escape."  Prov. 11:9b



  1. Looks like a great spot! Mine is on my balcony under a beach umbrell! Enjoy your reads!

  2. It seems that the place is very comfortable to read a book while looking at the beautiful garden ....,

    Happy reading.
    Greetings from Infonesia.

  3. If I go outside for a change of pace it is to the screen house. It is so very buggy here. In the screen house I can feel a part of the landscape as the critters rarely see me there when I am quiet. Lovely weather here for being out right now. Nice and cool.

  4. Your photos are a mental vacation for me. Very refreshing.

  5. Debbie, I used to watch Max Lucado's Unshakable Hope when I lived up north, but I haven't found the channel here yet. I really like his shows, they are so comforting and filled with hope. Your chair and books and a cool drink in a shady spot sound like a perfect place to be for awhile in this Summer August heat. I didn't change to the new blogger, as technical stuff frustrates me. So glad you navigated your way through it all. Happy August days, Debbie.


  6. Sigh! My gardens are fading as well. Have you read Louise Penny's Armand Garmauche (spelling?) series? I do not like to get hooked into a series, but this one is so good. Have a great Monday sweet friend!

  7. How sweet that you have found your place of escape instead of fighting with August. I don't read mysteries...don't read too much fiction lately...but would like to again...Take care, Rita

  8. Your place of escape looks very comfortable. I was looking at your book selection and wrote down the titles. I have been doing a lot of reading lately since there is nothing of interest on TV and I have memorized some of the Hallmark Movie scripts already. lol Have a great week!

  9. Beautiful spot!
    Lemonade and a good breeze, when outdoors isn't too hot, makes the summer last.

  10. Beautiful and inspiring corner, reading, enjoying nature, a luxury, I do not know how hot it will be out there, we have had a hot July but the last week the heat wave did not drop from 43 - 44 º something unbearable more When the nights are around 25 or 26, the truth is that you don't want to paint and do nothing.
    Happy August.

  11. We also love Lucado's books, and love that one. Have you read "Love Worth Giving,'? Each book of his that I read, I say-oh that was the best one. Well, THAT one really is the best I've read. I was crying through the whole book!!!
    Love your reading and resting spot. Love you.

  12. You're a woman after my own heart. A glider, a stack of books, and a cool drink sounds just about perfect right now. Hope you enjoy many relaxing breaks this month (and beyond).

  13. I love the Outer Banks! Maybe I should look that book up.

  14. I’m having so much problems with my computer... it doesn’t allow me to post anything so I hope this goes through...sigh!!!!!
    I love your place of escape , Debbie. I had my little space and my chair Flew up and blew a hole in the screen house yesterday with the hurricane.... It’s almost funny.
    Love your flowers...beautiful colors! Enjoy the rest of the week!,,

  15. This looks perfect to me, Debbie. At this time of year, I am outside to walk Georgie very early in the morning and I relax inside, but come the middle of September it's a different story. I'm reading one of Sue Grafton's mysteries right now. Thank you for your book recommendations. Have a wonderful week!


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