Patterns and designs

I find myself drawn to patterns and designs...

they are easy to spot in an acorn cap...

in the wings of a butterfly...

or the lace design of Queen Anne.

There is something meditative in stepping back and noting the amazing things that are normally missed.

A certain comfort is found in seeing repetition in nature.  It soothes our souls and connects us with the Great Designer of all. 

Hope you will find some lovely patterns and designs in the coming week. 



"...See how the lilies of the field grow.  They do not labor or spin."  Matt:6:28b (NIV)


  1. Beautiful designs Debbie
    Have a wonderful week

  2. Nature is a talented designer!

  3. Beautiful! Did you ever read the book "Patterns in Nature" -- there is so many 'patterns' that it's bewildering .... a fun read too ...

  4. I know what you mean, Debbie. Patterns and designs are in nature all around us, and it's amazing to see. The Queen Ann lace is such a unique and pretty flower, and I love how you noticed the design in a simple acorn cap. Acorns remind me of Fall, and I'm looking forward to all things Autumn coming up. Your posts are soothing and comforting, Debbie. Thank you.


  5. I love to find patterns and designs in nature too. The repetitiveness is soothing.

  6. Your design work is beautiful. This is a nice post. Hugs to you..

  7. Yes, I love to look for designs and patterns in nature. I hope you are having a grand week so far. Hugs!

  8. How much nature teaches us, how many lessons it gives us, some seem to be forgotten and from time to time it shows its strength and greatness even in a cruel way, we also behave regularly with it.

  9. Your designs are so pretty. I especially like the ones on the black paper. Are they zentangles? I love looking at the patterns and repetitions in nature. They are amazing!

  10. "...See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin." Matt:6:28b Thank you for it! Love it.

  11. It looks like you have been inspired to zentangle. Have a great weekend.

  12. I can just see you wandering about, finding beautiful patterns...and beauty everywhere.
    New format: A friend has offered to help me, we'll see. A part of me is just rebellious to change that isn't necessary. Constant improvements to technology, planned obsolescence, all that...
    Do you speak French, as you called the flowers Myosotis?

  13. Your posts always make me happy. I love the Queen Anne's Lace. Happy Sunday!

  14. That's something I enjoy about sketching (when I take the time to do it): really observing the designs and patterns as I draw.


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