The weather has finally turned pleasant.

The trees seem to have leafed out overnight.

The azalea is showing off a bright color -

 so are these New Guinea Impatiens.

This lovely tulip is one of the last  to bloom in May.

Mr. Bunny seems happy to return to his favorite spot  with the violas.

The Hummingbirds know the weather has turned pleasant also...they are back.

Well that is all for now friends...think I'll just take a rest and enjoy the warmer weather.

May you have a pleasant week. 



"Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good; sing praise to his name, for that is pleasant."  Psalm 135:3


  1. Glad you are enjoying the pleasant weather. Love the photos. Have been able to get outside for about a half hour each day because my sister-in-law comes over to help me with Jerry for a good part of the day. It definitely de-stresses me a bit. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Wonderful photos! Life is good!

  3. 💙❤️

    Beautiful. A light in dark places!

  4. LOVE your planter -- keeps most animals out I would think. Lovely images --- hope you have a great week!

  5. It is amazing how when spring decides it will ignore winter she comes barreling in with full force. Happy day... have a great week.

  6. You have a lovely yard. It was so nice to visit you this morning. Love to you!

  7. So good to hear that your temps are warming. Your property has come alive and it is beautiful to behold. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos! Great week to you, my friend:)

  8. It's like a new beginning , and seeing nature wake up again is like a balm on your soul .

  9. I'm glad spring has finally arrived. Don't you love the trees first start turning green. It's just so beautiful after a long dull grey winter.

  10. The red flowers really show up in your area, Debbie. I've never seen red Azaleas before, they're so pretty. The Psalm verse was a good one to start my week off with.

    Have a splendid week.


    *Debbie, not sure if I mentioned to you, but the Hummingbird is my beloved bird. If you see any, try to take a picture, would you? They are special birds.

    1. Sheri they are mine too and I have taken pictures of them over the years...I will try to get one soon - they are fast so not always easy to capture them - takes patience and I tend to not have too much of that virtue :)!

  11. Lovely splashes of colour and a very cute cat.

  12. Beautiful pictures. I am loving your cat. I am right now in the hunt for two kitties, one for me and one for my youngest grand daughter. A neighbor cat had seven and they froze, so sad, but we will find us two .

  13. How beautiful your garden is looking Debbie! The Azaleas are a brilliant colour. Enjoy your time out there xx

  14. I enjoyed the beauty in this post Debbie, but what made me the happiest was seeing the two white paws hanging over the edge of the table and one contented cat. Maybe there is a lesson there for me. Just relax and be content.
    “God has our back,” as your wise hubby says.

  15. Spring is here and thank God we can all go outside even if its in our own yards to enjoy the color and smells of the flowers. I love your cat... his pose and markings are beautiful....
    Enjoy this gorgeous day, Debbie!!!

  16. So beautiful, Debbie. I had never heard of New Guinea Impatiens until yesterday. My sister in Wisconsin told me she had planted some and today I got to see your pretty picture. I love your cat.

  17. Enjoy your pleasant spring weather and all the accompanying pretty foliage!


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