First Day of March

The first day of March brought blue skies...

 Pussy Willows bursting forth...
and loads of sunshine.

Just may be time to put these old boots away.  Hoping so.

May all of you be blessed this first day of March.   Have a great week.



"...but the cheerful heart has a continual feast."   Prov. 15:15 b (NIV)


  1. Sweet puppy standing in that field! 😊

  2. Really love this watercolor, such a beautiful homage to Spring showing clear signs of arrival . Hugs

  3. Beautiful images, Deb. Still cold here again in coastal North Carolina. Hope you stay warm and well and have a great week!

  4. It looked much the same here yesterday. We have to get out and enjoy those beautiful days when we can especially with our furry friends. Have a great week.

  5. I love the signs of spring! Isn't it great to finally put winter boots away?! Happy week to you!

  6. So nice, your photos. May the Lord bless you.

  7. We had a very sunny first of March too but it should rain tomorrow and I'm looking forward to that - if it actually happens.

  8. Happy March!!! It was sunny here too but windy and pretty cold. I haven't seen any pussy willows yet, but there are many flowers poking their heads out in the flower beds at the rehab facility. I'm sure they will be in bloom before we know it. Thanks for sharing your March 1st with us, my friend!

  9. Wow, you have brought me hope of the pleasant change that will be spring! Not for awhile here, though...

  10. Lovely watercolor! I hope to see some more sunny days soon, so tired of rain and wind.

  11. Oh, your art piece is so nice, Debbie. It sure it pretty around your area. It looks like you have open spaces, so you can see all of nature's beauty. The yellow flower is cheerful for March. I bet your dog enjoys that sunshine. : )

    I hope the March days bring you much joy.


  12. Love the sure says spring.
    Love your posts and feel blessed to know you.

  13. I LOVE your watercolor, Debbie. I hope to see your boots off soon, then I'll know its Spring!! lol I'm having surgery on my left eye Wednesday so I'll be on my way to a stress free Spring/Summer....As always, LOVE your photos especially your pooch...

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