Letting Go

This is a season of  letting go.

There are remnants of autumn that remain but more  bare branches are seen.

                                                                                   Fall's landscape is letting go of its bright colors.
It is in transition - getting ready for what comes next.

I too am letting go and making a transition.

Instead of painting flowers... 
branching out to abstracts.

Letting Go

This is certainly a change for me.  Sometimes one needs to let go a bit and make a transition.

Would love to hear if any of you might be letting go and making a transition.

Have a lovely week.

Hugs Debbie

"Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let not your hands be idle, for you do not know which will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both will do equally well."  Eccl. 11:6 (NIV)


  1. With our cold temps yesterday and what is predicted for this week it seems that like it or not we may be letting go of the mild weather we had. I admire that you are moving into abstracts...something I almost never dabble in. I am not that courageous. lol Are you taking a class or experimenting on your own? Enjoy the week...I hope the snow bypasses both of us.

  2. Okay, I think about Winter and I get SO cranky. I would love to move somewhere warm but I know I'm only dreaming so I'll stay cranky for a few months. I've always wanted to paint some abstracts but I realized its more difficult than some people think...but I love to see them in exhibits. My husband gave me a few saws that he had laying around and he wants me to paint a scene on it. I decided to paint some beautiful places out West where we've visited in the past... transitioning from pastels to acrylics should be fun for a change. Have a wonderful week!!

  3. I love both the flowers and the abstract. Nice and loose. What fun to branch out! We're holding on to our mild weather, but I do see some fall colors. As for making any transitions in my art, I still have my WIP of Red Rock on my easel and sketches of the dachshunds on my table. I'm not exactly a ball of fire at the moment:) Enjoy your week, Debbie!

  4. Lovely thoughts
    I turned my easel around to get better light. The space is smaller, but the possibilities aren't.

  5. A timely post for me as we are hoping to buy the log cabin in the woods behind us and letting go of our home of almost 39 years, which means getting rid or lots and lots of possession. In the meantime, we are decluttering big time so that even if we can't get the cabin, our present home will be free of things we no longer use or want. Just opening up space around us has to be a good thing--and learning how to trust God for what is to come.

  6. So very beautiful -- LOVE the paintings, Deb. And the theme! Have a great week!

  7. Each day we need to let go of something - old habits, old clothes, ways of seeing. Love your abstract and look forward to more as the winter wraps us up :)

  8. These are beautiful words, Debbie. I have to say that I've never been good with change. I can see how pretty it is around your neck of the woods with the bare trees and open spaces. The flower painting is so lovely, but you have such a talent that whatever it is you decide to paint, I know you will do well. Thank you for your verses at the end of your posts, Debbie. I appreciate them very much.


  9. I've been having a hard time with the Blogger platform so maybe I'll transition to one that's more user friendly. I always say that but then i get cold feet and stay with it even though it can be irritating at times.

  10. Love the paintings, Debbie, old and new!
    I'm not ready to let go yet:)

  11. Your flower painting is gorgeous!
    I look forward to your new transition, abstract painting.

    Changes...nothing stays the same.
    Right now I'm going though a personal transition, all good and for the good. 😊
    I may share it with you in time.

    It's been a great week here in Colorado and I trust wonderful for you as well?


  12. First of all: I love your abstract!
    Letting go came literally for me: I have a stomach flu. :)

  13. Lovely photos. Abstract is my favorite form of painting.

  14. I love your flowers , but the abstract is truly awesome too !!

  15. As a matter of fact...as you know, I'm letting go of the structure of regularly scheduled posts to Catching Happiness. It feels really strange, and I don't like it...but I also know I need to let go of what I've been doing to enable myself to catch hold of new opportunities that will come my way. I don't let go as gracefully as the trees do.

  16. Oooohhhhhh lovely! I am looking forward to seeing more abstracts. A different way of seeing but unmistakably your hand at work.

    I am trying to let go of the idea that there won't be much autumn colour this year. It was too wet and mild the frost only started today so a bit late. I console myself with looking at other peoples photos. Thank you for yours, I have had a good time catching up. Best wishes.

  17. Love the photos of the trees as they lose their leaves.
    Your florals are gorgeous and now you're trying abstracts! Good for you Debbie, the abstract you've done is beautiful and delicate - I love your style and can see how you've enjoyed this change xx

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  19. wisely said dear Debbie
    yes season of "letting go"

    i wish we all can learn from nature :)

    i loved the transition ,and the quote is amazing!

  20. Your abstract painting is so fresh looking and delicate, looking forward to seeing more of these gems!

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