Thievery and other Happenings

Friends I am sad to say that in the midst of  the lovely month of July I discovered a thief.

For quite some time this peach tree has been losing its lovely fruit.
In the spring it was loaded with the bountiful promise of an abundant harvest.
In my dreams I was baking fresh peach pie...savoring golden sweet jam on my morning toast and having plenty to share with family members.

Alas it isn't happening.  Today on my usual walk  I spotted the cause of my disappearing fruit.

Right in broad daylight and not in the least upset getting caught - here he is!  I ask you do you think that face looks the least bit ashamed? 

So it is off to the berry patch I go.
Better hurry before that little rascal decides he wants some berries with his peaches.

By the way I am still doing some painting this summer.

Over at Doodlewash they are celebrating #WorldWatercolorMonth.  Am not participating every day but whenever I can will be posting a bit of art.   It is not too late for others to join.

Well until next time have a blessed week.

Hugs Debbie

P.S.  Watch out for those thieves.   They may appear cute but don't be deceived they will steal your best fruit! 


  1. He's ADORABLE! But what is he?

  2. Is it a squirrel? Naughty creature, whatever it is, but very cute too.

  3. So sorry about the thievery! I bet he thought he was the luckiest woodchuck (I'm guessing) alive for awhile. It's hard to get critters to stop eating things. Finches recently decimated my flower garden this summer, even plucking leaves off the stems. Well, next spring I'll start over.

  4. Yes, Deb, it doesn't look like a squirrel and if so, they grow them big there. I don't know how farmers fed their families long ago. We can't get anything by the deer even with fencing.

  5. First of all: I LOVE your watercolor! And that thief... what is he? So sorry he ate your peaches!

  6. SOO sorry hon -- we had one take our beans - row by row ... frustrating ... but I LOVE your watercolor!

  7. That rotten ground hog. How dare he take them ALL!!! I know you wouldn't mind sharing a few but really. He certainly doesn't look the least upset about getting caught in the action.
    I love your painting. Maybe you should paint the ground hog out of the picture.

  8. Beautiful art, Debbie!
    I had no idea groundhogs could climb trees! They should be renamed! Treehogs!

  9. That creature looks adorable, but it's a pity he has no heart to leave some peaches for others, hahaha. Like your pretty painting. Blessings.

  10. I had no idea those critters (groundhog/woodchuck) could climb like that but he's claimed those peaches for his own. Perhaps if you talked to him and told him you'd bake two pies - one for him and one for your family - he might leave some for that? ha ha

  11. Well I was going to ask what kind of animal, but then saw in your labels that it is a groundhog! I did not know they climb trees! But, the same thing happened to us this summer, except our thieves were squirrels. They would steal a little peach and then bravely sit on top of a birdhouse or fence post and eat it. We had never had that many peaches on a tree, and the squirrels ate them all. Your place looks beautiful, and that is a big peach tree!

  12. A cute little thief he is....but still a thief , and like Henny Penny I didn't know they climb trees. Your watercolor is a real stunner, I'm glad you take time to paint and share !

  13. A cute little thief like that can get away with quite a bit I imagine lol. What a sweetie. A great post that has made me smile. Lovely painting wishes.

  14. LOL! Peachy Woodchuck replaces the joy of peach jam with a fantastic photo pose!
    I didn't realize they climb trees like that. Think of how grateful he is that you have the peach tree there.

  15. I had no idea that groundhogs can climb trees, that would have been a huge surprise for me if I had witnessed that. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. Thanks for the share. Keep up the posts.
    World of Animals

  16. Haha, so much for the peach pie. He's quite the brave fellow.

    Oh, and what a lovely painting. I'm glad you are enjoying yourself over at Doodlewash. Looks most interesting. And fun.

    Happy Day, Debbie!
    Brenda xox

  17. What a story!! You're a wonderful storyteller and I love your way to see world - with words, with your camera and with your paintings Debbie !

    Take care Dear.


  18. Busted! I never thought to look up for one of those stinkers!
    Love the berries and LOVE your painting, Debbie!

  19. Your place is making me think of Beatrix Potter with berries and peach thieves!! He is cute, that guilty one!! And well fed!

  20. Such a pretty painting!! so sad about the peach thief though that would be so frustrating but it sounds like you are taking it pretty well :)

  21. Hi, Debbie, your drawing is lovely. Btw, I do not know the animal. I know possums in Australia. Cheers, Sadami

  22. An adorable thief, but a thief nonetheless! I hope he shared a little with you. I am constantly in a battle with the squirrels over my tomatoes, and once lost an entire corn "crop" (let's be honest, it was a couple of ears) to them. It's very discouraging :). Hope you're enjoying the berries and the watercolor-ing!


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