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Wishing a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my friends in blog land. With Christmas only a week away -decided this would be my final post for 2016.    If you are like me there is still last minute things to accomplish and folks to see. Will be stopping by to visit each of you in the coming  two weeks. I've certainly been blessed this past year by all the wonderful posts that you have shared. The photos, the words, and the precious visits here have kept me inspired, uplifted and feeling connected to something larger than my tiny space in this world.  Thank You.  . May you each find special joy this Christmas season...Emmanuel - God with Us! Love Debbie  

Just In Time

Winter arrived just in time... for these two checking out the food supply... this one exploring an unknown track....  and me enjoying a bit of doodling. For certain winter arrived in time for the Christmas season.  So glad it did. Hope you are too! Have a wonderful week. Hugs Debbie  

Cookie Baking

A favorite part of the holiday season for me is cookie baking. Over the years I have sampled a variety of drop, shaped , decorated, bar and no bake types. Some have been so complicated that they may be a couple of days in the making.  Others so simple that one can stir them up and have them ready in a short few minutes. For every taste bud there is a special cookie that will satisfy. As I and my family have aged some of the fancy favorites have been exchanged for old fashioned goodness.  These gingered molasses cookies are a good example.   They are simple to bake and with just plain ingredients most everyone enjoys them. They are fragrantly spicy and perfectly chewy.   Just what I enjoy in a cookie. If anyone wants the recipe -let me know.   Will be glad to share. Hope everyone is having a great start to the Christmas season.   For all of those who love cookie baking - may your endeavors bring you hours of blissful joy! Have a b