The new year has found me making plans.

   Here are a few...

              Paint more...


 Spend time with old friends...

Find beauty in every season...

Read  about  places...

Eat lots of fresh fruit...

Get plenty of rest...

and last but not least...                                          

Take time to have fun!  
"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans."   Proverbs 16:3  (NIV)

Looking forward to hearing what you have planned for the coming year.
Thank you for stopping by.
God Bless!       


  1. Sounds like a wonderful plan Debbie !
    All the best.

  2. Debbie, Sound advice.

  3. Debbie, I love your plans!!! Your photos are beautiful!

  4. Your plans seem very good to me , I think I would make them mine too :-) xx

  5. Wishing you much success with your goals, Debbie. I suspect you do these each and every day as it is. You are such a wonderful person and wonderful friend!

  6. Morning Debbie, The BEST advice ever! I pray that 2014 is filled with Fun, laughter, journeys, health and rest to you and yours! Mine and Hubbys will be "labors of love" for the next several months.....please keep us in your prayers that we can stop and smell the roses during that time! I couldn't imagine living my everyday life without the hand of God........such a sweet reminder! Blessings~~~Roxie

  7. I agree with everything you've said Debbie! The painting looks so real, I had to look twice! Stay warm my friend ~ Diane

  8. Sounds like a wonderful plan, Debbie!!! There is so much to enjoy and savor! Enjoy it all!!!

  9. Love your choice of images to go with the new plans. Your rose painting is a stunner.
    After choosing painting, I think I would go with, spend time with old friends, next. That takes care of having more fun right there and eating more fruit is one I will borrow too!
    I will enjoy seeing and hearing about the cats and dogs on your blog and I have a neat fish I talk to every day.
    All in all, the best part was the reassurance of Proverb 16:3 and I thank you for the reminder.
    You are a good friend to us all
    Sending a hug with my thanks.

  10. I like your plans. I might adopt some of them myself :)

  11. Happy New Year Debbie! What a great post... I think your plans are just what everyone needs..
    Your painting is just beautiful!

  12. We share the same resolutions for the year Debbie! I hope its a great year for you! Big hugs!

  13. These sound like wonderful plans. Plan happens to be my word for this year so it was funny to see that you have a post titled plan.
    I also hope to continue with my word from last year which was calm, it's helped me a lot.
    Hope your having a good beginning to the new year :)

  14. That book looks interesting! Can you post about some of those mysterious places? :)

  15. Each one a great plan....I do hope you create more and have fun. :)

  16. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your kind words Debbie. Much appreciated. I hope life passes more easily for you too in 2014. At least we have our art to escape to I suppose. Take care of you and yours. Hugs Laura xx

  17. great list of plans, hope you manage them all, esp the painting one, sweet pic of the tea bag teapot dish. I didn't make any resolutions this year, was not in a good place for a wee while, though fine now. If I make a couple of late ones, it would be to make everyone happy and to improve my painting skills. Anyways, wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2014 :-)

  18. Hi Debbie! Lovely teapot! You have managed to take several good resolutions. I have taken a few, like to be a better person, eat more healthy, exercise more and not be afraid to try new things.
    Oh, I almost forgo... lose a few pounds too! :) Happy weekend Debbie.


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