Some updates...

Just some updates ... We've become friends! 
 Isn't it amazing what a few apples or carrots can do to build a friendship.  It has been my experience that often times breaking bread together builds good relations.   There is something wonderful that happens when folks share a meal (or an apple or carrot) .  Walls come down and bridges are built.  
Just like my new friend - we may differ in our perspective but we both enjoy a crunchy treat.  
 Speaking of treats...the flower fairy visited and left Mr. Scarecrow with an armload of blossoms.   He is now complete.  
In keeping with the season of gathering I have been collecting odd bits and pieces of nature.   My studio is becoming somewhat untidy from all the things being brought in.  

When drawing I take time to see the tiny intricate patterns that decorate an acorn cap and the small florets that comprise goldenrod. It is extraordinary the fine detail God has showcased in what seems ordinary.
Thank you for allowing me to share some of life's updates.   May you have a blessed evening!    


  1. Your little and big friend are "quite cute"! And Mr. Scarecrow looks very comfy~~He looks so impressive and quite at HOME! NICE AUTUMN LOOK!~~~~Roxie

  2. Aw, this is lovely -- so warm and cozy :)

  3. I love your updates. I too would have had to make friends with the donkey. He is a cutie. I think the goldenrod would have had me sneezing, itchy, watery eyes...But I sure love your art work, Debbie.

  4. There is nothing ordinary about the beauty of creation. I love that donkey and am so glad you are now friends.

  5. I love life...and all of it's updates!
    Thanks for sharing.....what a sweet post.

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  6. Love those blossoms with the scarecrow. Time for the paintbrushes :)

  7. I like your sketch of the little treasures from nature. I do that a lot when I walk in the mornings in the fall. I pick up autumn treasures to sketch. Nice that the scarecrow got flowers!!

  8. Your scarecrow looks great and that kitty sure is cozy! I love the nature sketches!

  9. Hi Debbie. Lucky you. What a lovely friend to have, unjudging and constant. Mr Scarecrow looks content and cosy too with his armful of delights. Your little painting is wonderful and your drawing skills are superb. I love all the detail. Wish I could do that. I paint but I don't draw that well. Maybe it's because I haven't dedicated the time to that as I just love my paints too much. My desk is getting cluttered with natures wonders too these days. Thanks for your friendship Debbie. Take care.

  10. Hi Debbie,

    Love the pic of your carrot-munching friend :-) Your art is beautiful. And I agree.... God has placed such intricate beauty in so many things around us that we "see" everyday.. but perhaps don't really see?

  11. It is a lovely time of the year. Your painting is a real reflection of the autumn colours and you captured the details so nicely. Your photographs of the trees and countryside are beautiful, enjoyed seeing more of your world.


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