Peach Pickin and Porch Sittin

Peach Pickin... and Porch Sittin... two pleasures of summer. 
The process of picking peaches brings me a sense of satisfaction.   I enjoy getting out the ladder and climbing high to reach the sweet juicy fruit.  When the baskets are filled and overflowing I bring them indoors.  I will freeze some for winter, make a bit of jam and of course there must be a pie!

Sitting on the porch in the early mornings gives me perspective before starting the day.  Hubby and I often have our coffee there before we go to work.   We watch the hummingbirds frolic and listen to the sounds of a day's beginning.   For just a bit time stands still.
I may even have a moment to do a quick sketch of some flowers.

Glad I could share some of my summer pleasure.   Hope you will tell me about yours!
God Bless!    



  1. oh Debbie you are making me hungry for peaches and the idyllic country life you lead there. We are actually going to have a sunny hot day today in the UK. A rare thing these days. So I'm off to get some animally inspiration from a safari park today. Keep enjoying those juicy peaches. Hugs Laura x

  2. Lovely flower painting; love the diagonal line of them on the paper. I really have few summer pleasures as I just do not like the heat and humidity of the summer. I tend to stair indoors most of the time anyway. Oh! I think one summer pleasure is when we get a storm. I just delight in them!

  3. It's been a hot one! But one of the absolute bonuses this year is the peach crop. Your pie looks so delicious. Yesterday I had a garden snake on the front porch head buried in one of my flower pots drinking water! We are all ready for some wonderful summer rain.

  4. Ah, peaches! Your pie looks yummy and the front porch inviting! Love your floral painting!

  5. I really love the thought of picking peaches from your own tree and then making the delicious pie. A thought I will keep until the blackberries are ripe. Nice to see your painting , you live in such a lovely setting and starting your day on the porch must set you up for the day ahead.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend, not too hot.

  6. Mmmmmmmmmmm peaches and peach pie. Sounds good to me. I love that view and that sounds like the perfect way to start the day. Enjoy!

  7. I love that porch!!!
    Your art work is always incredible...
    I still have not gotten my water colors out....I have no training in it-and it scares me! But you always inspire me...maybe soon!
    Oh-and we have a little peach tree too-so I'm hearin' ya about how wonderful that pie is!

  8. Thank you for the summer images...I like the softness of the watercolor flowers. It would make a wonderful pattern for cloth...summer tablecloth perhaps...very nice.


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