It was a gorgeous day for...

It was a gorgeous day for a cook out.   The temperature was in the 70's with sunshine and a gentle breeze.

I invited my folks to join us after Church.    They brought fresh sweet corn.  
Hubby grilled the steaks.  (He did a wonderful job.)  We had baked potatoes,  sliced tomatoes from the garden, creamy coleslaw, cantaloupe and  garlic bread.   To finish things off there was homemade coconut cream pie.

The beauty of the day enfolded us.   We laughed and spoke of past times and future plans.   Dick and I shared about watching the sunset the previous evening and catching site of cedar wax wings.  Mom and Dad talked about places they had traveled and where they would like to go.   Yellowstone National Park is one.   Dick had been there as a boy.   He  recalled camping and the fun he had with his family.

The time passed far too quickly.

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon.   A precious page for my memory.   I like to store those pages up in my mind.  They will stay with me and keep me warm when winter comes.

Hope you are blessed with a special page today!  So glad you stopped to visit.



  1. Thank you for sharing you day with us all.

  2. Hi Debbie. Time spent with family and friends is so precious and your cook out looked so much fun and yummy too. xx

  3. Your day was indeed wonderful and made me smile. I had a similar day and enjoyed it very much.

  4. A good example of keeping Sunday special. It was good that you managed to spend this precious time with your parents. Marion x

  5. Oh, do I want some of that pie? you betcha!
    Debbie, I love your postings, they make me feel comfortable.
    You mentioned about my drawings, there are a lot of them on . click on gallery then pencil and TaDAA! your there! ( I hope ) LOL ! yes, my lttle frog friend is there again and now has a friend in the rose next to it... BJ

  6. Thanks for sharing this wonderful day with us! I really would love some of that pie!

  7. It is , indeed, a wonderful memory. Thanks for sharing with us. May your temperatures remain cool and pleasant :)

  8. Sounds like a great day. I love that loose floral!!! Nicely done!


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