Odds and Ends

Just a few odds and ends.  Sarge my german shepherd has hurt his back.   We took him to the vet this afternoon.  He gave him a cortisone shot and some antibiotics.  Very relieved to know it was not his hips.  So concerned this morning when he was not his perky self.
He is always eager to get outdoors with me but not today.   I had to coax him to get up.  His back legs were not steady.  Wish animals could tell us where it hurts.   Doc seems to think he will get well in a few weeks.    ( Spent some time looking up!)

Been experimenting with pen and ink, watercolor and colored pencils on hot press and stonehenge paper.    Hot Press is always nice with pen and ink.   Stonehenge takes watercolor washes well.  It has a lovely surface that I enjoy when I intend on using colored pencils over an underpainting.  

Picked my first peach this evening.   He isn't perfect but he is juicy and sweet in spite of the dry weather.  There is something wonderful about those first fruits of the season.

To finish up I wanted to comment on Seth Apter's book "The Pulse of Mixed Media" .   It is a very thought provoking read.   I found myself reflecting on the questions that were asked of these 100 artists.  It made me stop and ask those same ones of myself.  Also enjoyed viewing the creative art that was showcased  in each chapter.   Hope you will take the time to check it out.

Well this ends this odd post.   Hope all of you have a great week.

I will be looking up!
 God bless You      


  1. My heart goes out to Sarge. I hope he is feeling a bit better each day. Love the painting, Debbie, and I also enjoy using colored pencils on watercolor pieces.

  2. Hope Sarge feels better soon. The painting is lovely. I love how it is already looking so vibrant.

  3. Debbie, I hope your Sarge gets to feeling better... He may have acted that way from the meds... Let me know...
    Love your artistic approaches to everything, your paintings to your setups.. hugs. BJ

  4. I am hoping Sarge is feeling better. A friend just took her pup for acupressure and she said it helped. The dog had hurt his back jumping off the bed. Fingers crossed! Take care.

  5. Hope the dog is doing better.

    Lovely ink, watercolor and pencil. They work nicely together.

  6. Thanks so much for spreading the word about The Pulse of Mixed Media. I am glad you enjoyed it and it got you thinking. And get well soon Sarge!

  7. Hope Sarge feels better soon Debbie. Lucky you that you have a peach tree too. Take care. Laura x

  8. This post popped up and I loved the beautiful artwork that I just had to visit.
    How lovely to be able to eat your own peaches, it looks lovely and will taste so good. Cheers and it was really nice to find this post :D)


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