Looks can be...

Looks can be deceiving.   During this summer's drought I took note of what flourished in spite of heat and lack of moisture.

Queen Anne's Lace appears to be delicate.   Her blossoms remind one of fine lace blowing gently in the breeze.   This flowering lady is deceptive.   If anyone has ever tried to remove her from their garden they will find a deep root system that is tenacious.   Not only does she survive during severe weather she seems to thrive.

Some folks call her a weed.   Not me.   She symbolizes a strength borne out of hardship.   Her roots are built on a strong foundation of faith.   They seem to know they must go deep to seek life-giving moisture.    Even in hard times she is able to share with others.

She appears fancy but in reality she is strong and not easily bothered by a season of trouble.   Her head is raised in hope.    
She not only gives nourishment to others she enables them to pass it on as well.

Wouldn't it be nice if we all could be like this Queen of the Field?
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  1. i am a huge fan of this flower!! i have actually done 3 large paintings of fields of queen annes lace, because i love it so much! did you know, that if you look closely each bloom has a dark reddish brown spot, which is said to have been the blood of queen anne, when she pricked her finger while darning the lace....i love little stories like that. this hot and dry summer sure has tested the plant life. i am ready for cooler weather.

  2. Oh indeed, Debbie. I've never cared for this flower but you sure make her sound wonderful! Did you know that there is a hemlock flower that is deadly and looks quite similar to QAL? (I looked it up a couple of years ago trying to figure out what I was looking at...) Of course, the memory seems to be going a bit, so don't quote me on it.

  3. I grew up loving the Queen Anne's Lace as I used to romp in fields of it as a child living in the country. Each flower reminded me of a snowflake and who would love a snowflake or two in summer :)

  4. Debbie, thank you for stopping by for a visit at Bunny Cottage! I love your post today and hope I can be like your Queen Anne's Lace!! I live in hot and usually dry Texas so I, too, over the years have learned which flowers will survive our TX weather. I hope you have a blessed, happy week, my friend~ Vicki

  5. We have a flower here that looks very much like Queen Anne's lace. It could be one and the same thing since it seems to thrive even through the hottest summer days.

  6. always been one of my favorite wildflowers

  7. The Queen Anne's lace seems to be in full bloom along the highways here. It is so pretty. Nice photos.


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