Covered bridges have always fascinated me.  They appeal because they are from a bye-gone era.    They speak of a time when the pace was  slower.  They serve to remind us the way one used to travel.     
There are several to be found in Columbiana County which is not far from our home.   Dick and I took the bike and visited them a couple of summers ago.   The shortest one is just out of Lisbon, Ohio.  If you want to go further...  Ashtabula has quite a few.   In fact in October they have a festival that sponsors a tour.  The state's longest covered bridge can be found there. 

The painting above was taken from a photo at Beaver Creek that I had posted on a previous blog. 
Chris at Chris Murray Art  suggested that it would make a great subject to paint.   Thanks Chris for giving me the thought.

As I  reflect on these lovely old structures from the past I am grateful they still stand.   They remain a wonderful symbol of the history of a different time and pace.

Hope you have a great week - God Bless!       



  1. Wow! What an outstanding job you did. Love, love,love this painting. Thanks for mentioning me too!

  2. Wonderful job on this, Debbie....very lovely.

  3. Beautiful painting and I so share your thoughts, Debbie.

  4. Beautiful painting. I love covered bridges.
    We don't have them in The Netherlands. I think they are great !!
    Have a wonderful day.

  5. You are an incredible artist. This made my day~thank you!

  6. Gorgeous painting, Debbie!
    Lovely structures and not one I've seen in England :) xx

  7. The painting is very beautiful. You are very talented.

  8. I too think covered bridges are special and you did a terrific job on this one! I left you a long answer after your comment on my blog about washes but then thought I should let you know or you might never see it.


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