When life casts shadows...

When life casts shadows (and every life has them) I look up.  Seems upwards gives me a better perspective.   It helps me focus on God's blessings.   It shows me a heavenly view.

Like everyone I've known moments of great joy and times of deep sorrow.  This just goes with the landscape of life.  Through trials I have learned that I am not alone.   I go outdoors, look-up and am reminded "sorrow is for the night but joy comes in the morning."  I just need to hold on.

These three things sustain me... Faith, Hope and Love.   Love...to accept it and to give it.   This is the greatest gift of all.   Hope that tomorrow will come and Faith to know the shadows do not last.

For all who have shadows being cast today - I am looking up for you.   God Bless!


  1. Now these are super wise words and straight from the Bible. Beautiful!

  2. Thanks Crimson Leaves - hope there are no shadows in your day. Have a super day.

  3. Thank you Deb, I know you are. BJ

  4. Hello Debbie....So glad you stumbled onto my blog. Loved that you visited and commented, too. Please comeback anytime. Have a great day! Susan

  5. Thank you Debbie, I needed to hear this,I know in my heart but I'm just in the deep sorrow end of things.. thank you so much for saying this.. love to you,Diana


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