I'm Getting Ready...

Hummingbird delights
I am gearing up and getting ready.   My dad had one at the feeder this morning.   I am sure they will come - perhaps even tomorrow - I can't wait.   They seem to love the color red. I always plant scarlet begonias and impatiens in pots on the deck to attract them.  

They are truly a gift from God.  So tiny and sweet. Dad says they buzz his patio window when the feeder is empty.  They are letting him know it's time for a refill.  It is his job to keep food replenished.  Mom lets Dad have that duty and he takes it very seriously.

Hope I can catch one on film and share it.  Will keep you updated.

See You Soon
God Bless!


  1. This is our first year for hanging a hummingbird feeder and we haven't seen nary a one. Sigh...Hope you have more luck! Love that gorgeous little painting.

  2. Crimson Leaves - It may take a bit of time but they should come. Sometimes if you have a lot of flowers blooming they go there first. Good luck! God Bless You.

  3. Love your painting and the soft colors. I have to get my feeders out although they are at my hanging geraniums every morning.

  4. Thanks for the reminder-I've got to get my feeders out too. I love your painting. I look forward to seeing more of your lovely art.

  5. Hi Debbie, thank you so much for visiting me !!! I love your blog. Your art is so beautiful.
    I love hummingbirds. It's such a shame we don't have them here in The Netherlands. That would be so great !!
    I will be following you too ; )
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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