First Day of Spring

Whew! Spring is officially here.  With this nice warm weather we are having I am feeling like I am dreadfully behind.  Cleaning, yard work and gardening have me scrambling to and fro. (I think a bit more fro than to .)  Generally March in the Midwest means some nice days and some cold rainy ones.  Not this feels like late May. 

I am loving it though!

Blue Squill
At the beginning of 2012 I set myself some creative goals for the coming year.   One of these was to sketch a different flower that was blooming in the garden each week.  Blue squill was my first drawing of the spring season.   Daffodils, forsythia, chinadoxa, and peach tree blossoms are in bloom now. Looks like I will have a choice.   Keep you posted on this creative endeavor.

If I do not set small challenges for myself I might let the season pass without "seeing" the sweet blessings of this life.  I think in fact that when we stop and "see"  the ordinary things we partake in the extraordinary!

Seeds of Faith
This evening I worked outdoors planting larkspur, iceland poppies and some radishes.   Indoors I started a few tomatoes and peppers.  Then for "my soul" I sowed a few shasta daisies, foxglove and coneflowers.  I like to think as I put the seeds into the dirt I am sowing seeds of faith.  

My wish is that all of you be blessed with time to savor the "sweet things" and sow a bit of faith .   Let me know how it grows!


  1. Well, you certainly are being productive in that garden.
    I've just heard from a friend in Oregon who is having a bad time for his planting due to lots of snow. Here in Fl. we are having the best weather. It does get like a sauna later on .
    Like you though I will plant some things, flowers only, no veggies, but I envy that you can grow poppies, my favorite flower to paint. Too hot here for them to grow.
    Have a wonderful


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