Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Decorating for Christmas

With the arrival of snow this past week-end I decided to decorate for Christmas.   I love lights at this time of the year.   They bring cheer and warmth to the shorter days. 
When I get out the decorations for the tree memories come flooding back.   There are so many precious ornaments that I have received over the years.  
This one was made by a friend that grows beautiful gourds and makes them into lovely decorative works of art.
Another fellow artisan carved this one out of bass wood and gave it to me several years ago.

A sweet gal from church tatted this snowflake.

There are many more...some are old and worn but they have a special place on my tree each year. They are cherished mementos that are priceless to me. As I hang them on the branches I hear voices and laughter that echo from the past.   Once again Christmas has returned to my heart.


Thanks for letting me share some of my treasures with you.   Have a wonderful evening.  God bless!  

Sunday, November 25, 2012

She is over 105

She is over 105 in dog years.   She started out life being called Freckles - her real name was "Lady Francesca".   When her first owner decided no longer to keep her she returned her to her mother who in turn sold her to us.

Hubby had always wanted a bassett hound called Frank.  When she came here to live at ten months old we renamed her Frankie.    

She is the other woman in my husband's life but I am not jealous.   It doesn't even bother me that she is the first to greet him when he arrives home from work.  They have a special bond and for that I am grateful.

When she was young and agile she would jump up into the recliner with him and rest both paws around his kneck.  At night she would sleep between the two of us nestled in close.   Now she sleeps quietly at the foot of the bed on a favorite comforter.

I am aware that the sands in the hour glass of her life are slipping by quickly.   She is having difficulty walking and we have recently started carrying her up and down the stairs and outdoors.    Her sight is mostly gone and also her hearing.   Her teeth are soft and we feed her canned dog food, slices of bread and treats of cheese.   Once she weighed almost 60 pounds but now she is forty at tops. 

Even though winter has come to this dear sweet one she still wags her tail and pushes close to us for warmth.  I am thankful for all the years we have had her.   She has made us smile when we were sad or mad or not too glad.

We are spending a great deal more time loving her.  Every day we have her is a blessing.

   She has taught us patience is a trait we all need.   Food is more tasty when it comes from the refrigerator.   Traveling to the neighbors to visit is a must.   There is nothing better than a pillow to sleep on after a long day away. Taking time to sniff the daisies is important they won't bloom forever.

Good night and God Bless!      


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thank You

 Thank You Father for family and friends. 
Thank you for an abundant harvest.
Thank you for spiritual gifts that feed the soul.
Thank you for special "angels in disguise".    

Thank you for creation's joy.
Thank you for wisdom to live and see and be.
Thank you for all those who visited  me.
In Jesus' Name
To everyone who will be celebrating tomorrow - Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Rising early I watched Him paint the sky.  He brushed the horizon with a frosty sigh.
Then he spread a rosy hue and a glaze of purest blue.


Bending behind the wooded hill He lifted up a light

and sent it to the earth below 
    Humbly I bowed my head.  I had witnessed a moment divine...the art of  the Master's design.

                                            Hope you enjoyed the sun's rise.
                                                           Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November's Inspiration

November's inspiration comes in many forms.  It may be found in the dry, rustling grasses of a meadow.  Perhaps it will be golden seed pods or red rose hips...

the remaining russet leaves that dance forlornly in the wind...

 fallen pinecones that are tipped with white sap...

 the song of a cardinal in the thicket ...

or the flash of a white tail deer on the run.

Whatever it may be... let it speak to your soul today.                                                        
                                                                God Bless You!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Indian Summer

Indian Summer brushed the countryside this week-end.   It colored the sky with a blue haze.    Warm temperatures returned and we were given a bonus of a few lovely days.
Dick and I took the opportunity to take what may be the last motorcyle ride of the season.     We traveled south to the Atwood Lake Area.   

There were a few fishermen out.
It seemed they were taking advantage of 
November's last fling as well.

Walking beside the lake I paused to give thanks for our Veterans.  These special men and women in the armed forces have given so much.  Because of their great sacrifice I can enjoy the freedom of a day such as this.   What an honor and a privilege to be free.

Thank you to all who have served this country with love and great courage.

                                                             May God Bless You!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


 Sweet leaves once you were bound high above the ground.  Once you provided shade from the summer heat.   Now you are dried and brown beneath my feet.
I've been spending a great deal of time with leaves these past few weeks.  
Raking, blowing and mowing them has kept me busy.  It always does at this time of the year.   I consider myself fortunate if this task is complete by Thanksgiving.  For the most part oak trees make up our woods.  They are always the last to shed their foliage.  In fact they will keep some of their leaves until spring.  

This week I gathered a variety to bring indoors to the studio. 

My favorite ones are those that are curled.   They have such interesting shapes.   I am not sure they actually will inspire a painting but I love drawing them with pen and ink and a watercolor wash.

 If nothing else it is a great exercise for these shorter days.  If any of you might need some for your own inspiration please feel free to come visit...I am sure I can find an extra rake!!

                  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a blessed night.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bulb Planting

 These boxes arrived the other day.  Inside there were daffodils and tulips.  They will make such a lovely show once the snow melts and the sun warms the earth.    
  There is something amazing about these misshapen bulbs.  They will sleep through the coldest winter tucked beneath the ground.    Then when spring arrives they awaken to dance. 
Every autumn I plant a new variety of daffodils.   This year High Society, Fidelity, and Sound have been added to the collection.   John Scheepers has a wonderful selection.   Their packaging is always well marked.
Tulips here in Ohio need to be replaced almost every year.   There are a few that will survive a couple of seasons but generally I plant new ones each fall.   The Darwin are the best for being perennial.  Even so unless one digs them up after blooming they tend to get small and may only return another spring.
Daffodils on the other hand given some bonemeal in the fall will remain faithful friends for years to come.    

Well I had better get busy planting these beauties before the snow flies.   Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!



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