Sunday, July 29, 2012

Historical Hanoverton

The little historical town of Hanoverton is about 20 minutes away from our home.  Dick and I took the motorcycle out this afternoon and rode over that way.   
    We enjoy visiting this charming place.   There are several homes from the 1800's that have been renovated as well as the famous Spread Eagle Tavern.
The tavern has delicious cuisine and also rooms available if one would like to spend the night.     

  Artist Don Getz has three paintings hanging in the main dining room.   One is a large piece that depicts the town's canal history and how it would have looked during that era.   Down below is a bar and also a tunnel where run away slaves found protection on their way north.
Every room has a fire place and when the weather gets chilly they keep a wood fire going.   There are rumors that one of the bedrooms may be haunted.  Since I have never stayed overnight I am not certain there is any truth to this tale.  
The above picture portrays the front of the Tavern and the picture below is of the back entrance to the restaurant.

   Plymouth Street also has a lovely old Presbyterian Church that is only a block down from the Spread Eagle.

Note the two doors at the front of the church.   Years ago men and women did not sit together during services.   Therefore the women went in on one side and the men on the other.   My goodness how things have changed!

So glad you came along.   Hope you enjoyed the visit!   May God Bless You.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Odds and Ends

Just a few odds and ends.  Sarge my german shepherd has hurt his back.   We took him to the vet this afternoon.  He gave him a cortisone shot and some antibiotics.  Very relieved to know it was not his hips.  So concerned this morning when he was not his perky self.
He is always eager to get outdoors with me but not today.   I had to coax him to get up.  His back legs were not steady.  Wish animals could tell us where it hurts.   Doc seems to think he will get well in a few weeks.    ( Spent some time looking up!)

Been experimenting with pen and ink, watercolor and colored pencils on hot press and stonehenge paper.    Hot Press is always nice with pen and ink.   Stonehenge takes watercolor washes well.  It has a lovely surface that I enjoy when I intend on using colored pencils over an underpainting.  

Picked my first peach this evening.   He isn't perfect but he is juicy and sweet in spite of the dry weather.  There is something wonderful about those first fruits of the season.

To finish up I wanted to comment on Seth Apter's book "The Pulse of Mixed Media" .   It is a very thought provoking read.   I found myself reflecting on the questions that were asked of these 100 artists.  It made me stop and ask those same ones of myself.  Also enjoyed viewing the creative art that was showcased  in each chapter.   Hope you will take the time to check it out.

Well this ends this odd post.   Hope all of you have a great week.

I will be looking up!
 God bless You      

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Looks can be...

Looks can be deceiving.   During this summer's drought I took note of what flourished in spite of heat and lack of moisture.

Queen Anne's Lace appears to be delicate.   Her blossoms remind one of fine lace blowing gently in the breeze.   This flowering lady is deceptive.   If anyone has ever tried to remove her from their garden they will find a deep root system that is tenacious.   Not only does she survive during severe weather she seems to thrive.

Some folks call her a weed.   Not me.   She symbolizes a strength borne out of hardship.   Her roots are built on a strong foundation of faith.   They seem to know they must go deep to seek life-giving moisture.    Even in hard times she is able to share with others.

She appears fancy but in reality she is strong and not easily bothered by a season of trouble.   Her head is raised in hope.    
She not only gives nourishment to others she enables them to pass it on as well.

Wouldn't it be nice if we all could be like this Queen of the Field?
 Have a Blessed Sunday.   Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A tale that ended...

This is a tale that ended well.   It took place back in May.   The  humming birds had just recently arrived for their summer visit.
I had been busy moving pots of posies onto the deck.   Scooter (the devilish cat) was apparently busy as well.  He had something he was getting ready to eat.   When I went to rescue the victim I was horrified to see a small wing protruding from his mouth.  In picking up my devil cat I was able to get him to relinquish the tiny creature.   She fell to the ground on her side and just blinked an eye.    Scooter was immediately taken indoors and I returned to see if there was any hope.

Scooter (The little Devil)

My hubby came rushing to see why I was scurrying about.   He took charge of the situation and brought her some water and took down the feeder to see if she would take some nourishment.   She was sitting perched on my finger and seemed to be dazed.  There were no apparent wounds.  Gently I brushed her wings.  Unbelievable the small size of these birds.  Not any longer than my index finger.

We decided to take her up to the pussy willow bush which had branches in easy reach.   At first she would not perch on a limb.   Then suddenly her head started turning back and forth and a chirping sound began and she gently sailed to a twig above me.   As I reached up to touch her one more time she flitted higher and then flew away.

This tale certainly ended well!

For as you can see she now has a friend!
Hope I made you smile.

Until next time God Bless You all!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lazy days of summer...

Ah those lazy days of summer...I hope they never end!
  What could be better than a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade and a great stack of books?

  My beloved took me to the library Saturday and here is what I found. 

  Julie Zickafoose comes from my neck of the woods.   She is a lovely watercolor artist who focuses on birds and nature.   My husband and I met her at one of the art shows a few years ago.   She paints the things I love.   Her latest book is the "Blue Bird Effect".
Then I discoverd a new biography about Beatrix Potter written by Linda Lear.   Beatrix's work inspires me. Her drawings of rabbits and the whimsical creatures of nature are such a delight.   This book has some fine illustrations within.   Good reading for those moments just before sleep falls.
Marie Angel wrote a great book on painting for Calligraphers.   There is some beautiful art featured through out.  A great deal of it is miniature which I find so intriguing.    Judith Martin's book on "Mastering Sketching" features all the different aspects of this important exercise .   Stanley Maltzman's "drawing trees step by step" is a revisit for me.  His examples are so helpful.  Carla Sonheim has written "Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists".   I read "Collage Lab" by her.   She has some great tips and fun things to try.   Finally "The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed" by Seth Apter  promises to get some creative ideas flowing.

Are not books the best?   It is such a priviledge to be able to go to the library and find such treats.

Well now you know what I will be doing for the next few days.   
Hope  you find some time for reading as well!  
God Bless  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Flea Market Day

 Rogers, Ohio hosts their weekly flea market every Friday.  My beloved and I generally go at least once a year. 
In spite of the fact that the temperature was to soar to a 100 degrees this Friday we still planned to go.   The decision was made to rise early and hit the road before 7:00 a.m.    Looks like everyone else had the same idea.

This outdoor market  has over a 100 different spots for dealers to set up and show their wares.   It has a little creek that meanders through the place.

 There is new and used merchandise, antiques, food, and everything imaginable for sale.   If it can't be found here it probably can't be found anywhere!

Hubby spotted this old Honda motorcycle - it still would start and run.   We left it behind - not really in the market for another bike today.    
I was hoping to find some white saucers for my watercolors and perhaps some old books to either alter or use for collage.   Most often what I go in search of is not what I find.  Today was no exception.

Instead this is what we brought home. 

First  came something old:

Then something new 

and then something blue   

As you can see there are no saucers and no books - perhaps next time around!   Flea markets can be such fun.    You are never sure what you will find.

Hope you enjoyed browsing!
May God bless you all !



Sunday, July 8, 2012


Covered bridges have always fascinated me.  They appeal because they are from a bye-gone era.    They speak of a time when the pace was  slower.  They serve to remind us the way one used to travel.     
There are several to be found in Columbiana County which is not far from our home.   Dick and I took the bike and visited them a couple of summers ago.   The shortest one is just out of Lisbon, Ohio.  If you want to go further...  Ashtabula has quite a few.   In fact in October they have a festival that sponsors a tour.  The state's longest covered bridge can be found there. 

The painting above was taken from a photo at Beaver Creek that I had posted on a previous blog. 
Chris at Chris Murray Art  suggested that it would make a great subject to paint.   Thanks Chris for giving me the thought.

As I  reflect on these lovely old structures from the past I am grateful they still stand.   They remain a wonderful symbol of the history of a different time and pace.

Hope you have a great week - God Bless!       


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Looking up!


I took some time to look up today.   I reflected on all the wonderful blessings I have known living in America.  I thought about freedom, sacrifice, and responsibility. 

The freedom to worship however I please...the great sacrifices of  past generations that continues to live on in the lives of dedicated men and women today . ..the awesome responsibility of passing this legacy on to our young.  They are this country's future.   They will have to make sacrifices.  They will be responsible for keeping freedom's torch burning.  

Hope you will  join me in looking up! 

God Bless and Happy 4th of July! 

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Isn't gratitude a wonderful attitude?  I find the more I practice it the more of it I find.   As with any skill it needs nurtured.   I seek it when life sends me challenges.   I look for it in the rain (or in this case the dry weather).    

Focusing on being grateful cheers me on.   It brings a calm in the midst of a storm.  It gives joy.  It can be shared with others. 

Here is what I am thankful for, friends, and flowers blooming in the midst of drought.     
       Hope you too find blessings along the way. 

                              Take Care!




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