Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A tale that ended...

This is a tale that ended well.   It took place back in May.   The  humming birds had just recently arrived for their summer visit.
I had been busy moving pots of posies onto the deck.   Scooter (the devilish cat) was apparently busy as well.  He had something he was getting ready to eat.   When I went to rescue the victim I was horrified to see a small wing protruding from his mouth.  In picking up my devil cat I was able to get him to relinquish the tiny creature.   She fell to the ground on her side and just blinked an eye.    Scooter was immediately taken indoors and I returned to see if there was any hope.

Scooter (The little Devil)

My hubby came rushing to see why I was scurrying about.   He took charge of the situation and brought her some water and took down the feeder to see if she would take some nourishment.   She was sitting perched on my finger and seemed to be dazed.  There were no apparent wounds.  Gently I brushed her wings.  Unbelievable the small size of these birds.  Not any longer than my index finger.

We decided to take her up to the pussy willow bush which had branches in easy reach.   At first she would not perch on a limb.   Then suddenly her head started turning back and forth and a chirping sound began and she gently sailed to a twig above me.   As I reached up to touch her one more time she flitted higher and then flew away.

This tale certainly ended well!

For as you can see she now has a friend!
Hope I made you smile.

Until next time God Bless You all!


  1. Indeed you did! Devil cat is one fast feline too. So happy the hummingbird survived to enjoy her new friend and more food.

  2. Ahh, happy endings are so great. I've never seen a hummingbird that color before.

  3. Thank you for the smile and thanks for sharing.

  4. Your story made me cry~happy tears!

  5. Oh, that little devil ... but yes, you made me smile..
    and I thank you for that. ! hugs, BJ

  6. What a sweet story and wonderful ending :)

  7. What a great story and a happy ending :) So glad you saved the little hummer and she or he is fine!

  8. Wonderful story and beautiful pictures. Wish we had hummingbirds in The Netherlands ; )
    Have a wonderful weekend. God Bless !!

  9. I love happy endings! Nice sketch of the hummingbird at the feeder!

  10. What sort of bird is it Debbie ? We have nothing like it here in the UK. We have 4 cats and often have to retrieve birds and frogs from them. It is such a relief when they fly away. You really are a lifesaver. Take care. Marion x

  11. Thank you for sharing that story
    You've brighten my day once again.


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