Goodbye April - Hello May

Apple Blossoms
I am saying goodbye to April and hello to May.

Like so many of you - am hoping May will bring sunnier days...warmer temperatures...and  lots more time outdoors.

Here are some tomatoes and peppers that were started at the beginning of April...planning on transplanting the tomatoes this week to a bigger pot.  The peppers are not quite as fast germinating - take a little more babying to get them going. :)!!

watercolor sketch
It would not be May without a sketch of violets.  They are popping up everywhere now.

Today hubby and I celebrated the first of May by joining a couple of sweet friends for a motorcycle ride in the country.

It was lovely to see old familiar places along the way...

hillside views...

and cruise a quaint village .

This week our state begins to slowly open up and ease some restrictions.  Am praying that we are able to do this safely.  As our Governor reminds us - the virus is still out there and most likely will be for quite some time.

On this first Sunday in May wishing all of you the best and please keep safe.



"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."  Gal. 6:9 (NIV)


  1. Happy May!
    Prayers this month is better than last.

  2. Love your violets! Yes, hope May will be easier.

  3. Now that is what I call a fun outing with friends and social distancing. Let us hope that May is warmer than April. We had a record late frost in April and now they are predicting one in MAY! Crazy weather. Maybe we will have a cool summer this year. Love your violet sketch. This makes me think I should be doing this. There are some pink LOV in the post trucking along to you. Perhaps they will arrive today or tomorrow. Have a fun week planting and transplanting.

  4. I love, love, love your violets! The country scenery is perfect, especially the little church. Thank you for sharing all this beauty and hope. Hugs to you, Debbie.

  5. LOVE that barn especially!!! How I miss the ones we used to see since we moved to the coast ... The vegetables in my pots are going like crazy -- feels like summer is on its way ... hope you have a great week!

  6. Very sweet painting! Your plants look so healthy! I started some this year-it's been over 10 years since I did that. You guys are warmer than us-my apple blossoms are still tiny buds. It's going to snow here later this week! :(

  7. A great way to see the Spring beginning by going on a motorcycle ride! From your photos I can see you spotted many new things. I hope opening up will come with no resurgence of the virus. I'm going to hold off with being close to many people for awhile until more information is available. Still will use my mask! Stay well, Debbie! Loved your photos.

  8. I love seeing the photos from along your ride. It was such a beautiful weekend for doing something outdoors. The violets are so pretty and I'm glad you got to sketch them. I hope that we are not moving too fast with easing the restrictions. Only time will tell. I will still be wearing my mask! Stay well!!

  9. I feel as if I took a trip. Lovely to see your area during spring. All our flowering bushes are glorious at the moment but as the heat continues in its upwards path, most of the blossoms quietly fall to the ground and it will be fall before the roses bloom again.
    Your violet painting has a beautiful natural flow to it. Lovely!

  10. I love seeing Spring pop up through your eyes. Your violet sketch is so nice, Debbie!!!! AND the last photo of the church.. BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    Stay safe....

  11. Hope you have a wonderful May. My husband loves to grow peppers. I am more keen on flowers.

  12. Hi Debbie - wanted to stop by and say hello. So nice seeing the photos from your ride. Love your sketch - I knew a visit to Harmony Hills would be uplifting!

  13. What a wonderful drive in the country, Debbie. I was just thinking lately how I'm longing to visit the country. The hillside views are so pretty and peaceful. The apple blossoms are beautiful. They remind me of Fall. Our state is opening up soon, but slowly. But you won't see me going to restaurants or shops in the near future. I am hoping the opening of these states is not too soon.

    Stay well, Debbie, and wishing you happy May days. I am fond of May, as it's my birthday month. : )


  14. We traveled from Southern Ca. to northern Mn. this past weekend, making it in four days and night on the rd. A slow on purpose trip where we found gas cheaper the farther we got from Ca. Hotels were usually half priced. There was so much beauty to take picture of that I finally had to stopped say, stop< I want a picture of that. If we had stopped everywhere I wanted we would still be on the road. We are settled into our little rv at my daughters house enjoying green beauty of Mn. Loved your photo's. Blessings.

  15. Love your trip in the country. Makes me miss my bike, but my riding days are over. Your photos always tell me that you live in Gods country.
    I'm well, following the rules, even though here in Florida they are moving ahead. I just don't share that feeling for me right now.

  16. What a lovely tour in the countryside , a true breath of fresh air . And just love your violet , they are indeed popping up everywhere at the moment , a very welcome sight.

  17. Such pretty photos. I'll be you really enjoyed that ride in the countryside. Best of luck with the tomatoes, etc. Our tomatoes have done very well, and will be done producing within a month or so as it gets too hot for the fruit to set. Now my garden hopes are riding on a couple of jalapeno pepper plants!

  18. Dear Debbie, I love your watercolour sketch most. xx Sadami

  19. A ride in the country sounds so lovely! Your violet watercolor sketch is perfect - so delicate.

  20. Hi Debbie, ... I had such fun reading your latest blogposts... and I adore your sketching... and watercolor! They're just wonderful!!! Lea


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