Like this little fella I am waiting for spring.  Hoping that we will soon be turning the corner and seeing warmer days ahead.

In the meantime I am painting spring dreams.   When March arrives I begin imagining what will soon be blooming in the garden.   Where winters seem long and harsh one is challenged in the art of patience.  Yesterday I caught sight of some snowdrops bravely pushing their way out of a blanket of last season's debris.  Friends that is a sure sign spring is on its way.

Are any of you waiting for spring?   If so maybe you will share what you are doing until it arrives.

Have a blessed week.

Hugs Debbie

P.S. these winter photos were taken last Tuesday- since then our snow has disappeared.

"But if  we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently."   Romans 8:25 (NIV)


  1. It was very spring-like all throughout the past week but we're supposed to have winter weather again this coming week. I don't mind it as the summer heat makes me very listless and moody.

  2. Do you suppose, Debbie, that the birds are as anxious for Spring as are we? We've been treated to seeing some nests under construction and some pairing taking place, but our weather is still back and forth between warm and cool. Patience is a necessity, but it sure is not an easy virtue. I need to work on that one. Love your painting. So lovely.

  3. So very lovely!!! We had our first full day of sun today -- reached 70F .. we were almost delirious with the warmth .. won't last long though. Sending you some springtime, Deb .. Love your flowers!

  4. Love your painting, Debbie! Perfect for springtime.
    Our winter is here in the Pacific Northwest was not as harsh as most, so I am in no hurry for spring. The older I get, the "faster" time seems to pass, to I try to stay in the moment. Still, those seed catalogs have been calling...

  5. Love your painting, so soft and beautiful! I'm glad the snow has disappeared and I hope spring will arrive soon for you. We've had some lovely soft spring weather, but now it's rainy and stormy here.

  6. I certainly am anxiously awaiting springs arrival. This week is supposed to be a bit warmer. We will see. I have been dreaming of things to do in the garden. Enjoy the warmer weather...

  7. Your watercolor is beautiful Chris! I love the colors of Spring.... and wait patiently for it. We’re going to have a bit milder weather today....they say about 42 degrees which sounds amazing so we will see....enjoy today...

    1. I was tying too fast and I typed Chris.... I meant Debbie!!! Lol enjoy!!!

  8. Once the rest of our snow melts I will be picking up branches and putting them in piles to be chipped. In the meantime I'm doing pre-Spring cleaning inside because I know once Spring DOES arrive, I will be OUTSIDE! Great scripture once again to go with your post. ❤️

  9. Maybe we will get the thaw and snow melt you have had! I hope so. It is much warmer today and the sun is shining! We've had lots of sunny days, and that helps the wait for spring...

  10. Love the photo of the two colorful birds in the tree , and yes , Spring IS on it's way...actually here it is in full bloom :-)) Your watercolor is a true delight , such lovely colors !

  11. Oh, the red cardinal, what a beauty. To see that bird around your neck of the woods is truly special. Spring will be here before you know it, but all the snow you're having is so pretty. It's been raining a lot where I live, but this week I see signs of Spring. I love how you have a little bit of nature on your posts, Debbie, as well as art and other things. I enjoy reading them very much.


  12. I love to see you painting. Have you ever made a galaxy painting?

  13. I'm hoping we have a spring and don't just jump right into summer! It's been in the 80s, but the humidity hasn't fully arrived yet. I hope you have a lovely spring with lots of blooming flowers and feathered visitors.

  14. We have been very lucky and have had a few days that actually feel like Spring. Saturd to sit outside and paint en plein air. Today was warm enough except for the wind, so I ended up in my car again. lol I haven't seen any flowers peeking out yet, but hope to see them soon. Enjoy this beautiful week!

  15. It's lovely to see your visiting birds - how sweet their little pops of colour against the snow.
    Your watercolour is gorgeous Debbie :D)

  16. Dear Debbie, I love your post and all the photos. We're at the end of a summer. An autumn is coming. Take care and enjoy your life. Best wishes, Sadami

  17. I do love your snowy pictures but am looking forward to your spring flowers and I just love your pretty painting, must make waiting for spring bearable :)

  18. snowdrops are amazingly pure. They emerge and bring the hope of spring.
    Your painting is so beautiful, Debbie. Looking forward to seeing more.

  19. We are getting a peek today of spring - warmer days and sunshine (??? forgot what that looked like!!). So wishing you a warm and sunny spring but looks like you're doing well painting dreams of spring; me, I have to wait for the muse to return (and she will but it's taking her some time this year).

  20. Bonjour chère amie,

    Le printemps s'installe... Les petites fleurs font leur apparition... les arbres bourgeonnent et d'autres sont en fleurs.
    Les températures sont douces, c'est fort agréable.
    Merci pour les belles photos et toutes mes félicitations pour cette belle aquarelle.
    J'aime les nuances des couleurs qui appellent la gaité.

    Gros bisous 🌸

  21. lovely little bird...
    have a great day

  22. Lovely winter photos, Debbie. Hope the snow stayed away this time. I have enjoyed browsing your recent posts. LOVE your sketch journal; you will treasure that always and will cherish the memories it sparks.

  23. Looking and longing...
    We are certainly buried in snow and for the middle io March we have so very much.
    We have a long way to go before we will see any green around here, so I'm keeping busy with indoor purging and organising with a little adult coloring book of spring flowers.

    Have a beauty Sunday~

  24. It is odd, Debbie. I am not waiting for it, but happy that it will come. We still have a frozen landscape here in most places, including ice. I do hear a few new birdsongs...But I love winter and am savoring the views of bare branches and loving the brisk cold (because it is not as brisk as it was weeks ago!) Your painting does evoke the soft pastel colors that will be arriving...And those little bird guys and gals are just precious...


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