First Day of Spring

A full moon welcomed the first day of spring.

When I went out in the early morning for my walk  this lovely light lit up the dark side of the sky.

In a few moments a  beautiful design appeared.

    Then as the dawn waved to the last of the night spring arrived.

So glad you stopped to see the beginning of a new season.

Have a blessed week.

"The moon marks off the seasons, and the sun knows when to go down." Psalm 104:19 (NIV)  


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Wishing you a wonderful spring, Debbie!

  2. Yikes...what "early morning time" do you take a walk, Debbie? Yes, the moon was gorgeous last week but I saw it "before" I went to bed! Nothing as beautiful as the one with clouds across it like you have her. I love that photo.
    You deserve a beautiful spring.
    It has been a windy one so far here but I we sure have been praying for the poor souls who have been hit hard by flooding.
    Give me the wind any day.
    Have a blessed week, dearest Debbie.

  3. These are the kind of photos that make one stop for a moment and be awed by the amazing design of this earth and the heavens. Such beauty!

  4. Three beautiful photos!!!! Happy Spring Debbie!!!!

  5. Lovely Spring sunrise. Our first day of Spring was very stormy and we had a gale and lots of rain. All is well now though.

  6. Beautiful beautiful photos , power of nature , makes you happy !

  7. Yes, it was a happy day!! Thank you for the beautiful photos, Debbie!

  8. Oh my gosh, Debbie, I JUST finished posting my full moon experiene! It's funny, I was thinking of you through it because of your nature observations! Wow, what miracles, the sun, the moon, the seasons, nature (which I forget to observe and appreciate in a deeper way all too often...)You remind me. Thank you, my friend...Rita

  9. Hola Debbie: Una belleza todas las fotos, es una forma de alabar y apreciar las obras de Nuestro Señor, estos detalles alegran el corazón. Por aqui en el hemisferio sur comenzó en otoño, una bella estación donde las hojas de los arboles se tornan amarillas y naranjas y es tiempo de cosecha. Un abrazo!!

  10. Gorgeous! You can't beat those early morning walks with some four footed friends can you. It is nice we don't have to wrap up quite so much now. Our days have warmed up nicely this week but it will be nice not to need a coat first thing. I am so glad you are enjoying Spring, it feels like you had a long Winter this time.

  11. Lovely photos of the beginning of spring. Early morning walks give us the opportunity to see the magical changes in the sky. Have a wonderful day and Happy Spring!

  12. What lovely photographs these are.

    All the best Jan

  13. Such a poetic mood, very well seen Debbie!

  14. so wonderful... I love the last photo.
    have a great day

  15. Such a beautiful sunrise. Sometimes I wake up very early just to see the sunrise, with a cup of coffee and hope for the day. I love that second photo with the purple skies, soooo pretty.


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