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When Barbara Lilian invited me to participate in the Blog Hop Around the World I was honored.   Barbara grows spectacular flowers in France as well as paints them.   Her posts always include beautiful photos.   She and I share a love for growing things as well as capturing them on a page.   In spite of health issues this past year she still has managed to share her lovely garden and art with her followers.  It is such a privilege to visit Barbara in her part of the world.   Hope you will stop by to say hello.   I am sure you will receive a warm welcome.    I always do.

Now let me introduce you to four other wonderful ladies.

Anne in Missouri is an artist in every way.   Her blog is filled to the brim with a wide array of creations.   One of her special talents is painting and decorating fairy houses.  They are certainly candy for the eyes.  Anne's artistry can be seen in each and everyone of her posts.   If you have never visited her please do.   You will certainly want to return.

Wendy is a very talented artist who lives in  Australia.  Not only does she work in a wide range of mediums but is a writer and illustrator as well.   At this time this busy lady is participating in a 30 day painting challenge.  Be sure to stop by and catch a glimpse of her superb art.

Carol is a Maine resident who is an amazing photographer and artist.   She always manages to snap the most captivating pictures.   It is always a delight to visit her blog.  One never knows what she will have found to share with her blogging buddies.  For certain you will come away smiling when you stop to say hello.      

Celia resides in Rome, Italy.   She is a wonderful watercolor artist.   In fact she has a great website that hosts her beautiful work.   Several months ago I  was the fortunate recipient of one of her gorgeous paintings.  It hangs in a very special spot in my home  Celia has been enjoying a blogging break but has now returned.   Will be looking forward to enjoying her art once again.    Hope you will take a peak .

Now to answer the questions...

  What inspires me to paint?






Why do I Paint?   For the joy.   It is the crescendo in  life's song.  The connection to the one great Creator of all.

What is my process?   Slowing down - taking time to see that the ordinary is really extraordinary.

Thank you Barbara for inviting me to share in this wonderful Blog Hop.   I will be looking forward to reading Anne, Wendy, Carol and Celia's posts Sept. 22nd.  

Hope everyone has a blessed day.


  1. New fall colors! Love it!! That is one thing I so love about you, Debbie. You always do slow down to see God's bounty and beauty. You've taught me much over the past couple of years. Thank you, my friend.

  2. Such a fun post. You know I love your watercolor florals. Thanks for thinking of me.

  3. This was a wonderful post, and i love seeing all your artwork together on the table and i look forward to visiting the other blogs.
    p.s. love the new blog look :)

  4. The selection of art on your table is stunning, Debbie! I love the floral in the upper right hand corner as well as your bird studies! Thank you for including me, I look forward to visiting the other blogs.

  5. Debbie, I love your sketches and paintings! If I had the talent, which I don't, I am sure that I would enjoy it as much as you do. Beautiful photos.

  6. Thank you! Its always great to have new blogs to read.

  7. Hi Debbie,
    What a wonderful post! To see all your watercolors on the table is such a treat.. I just love your work.. You have such a talent... and so nice to know what inspires you.
    Wishing you a beautiful week. Off to visit the other artists. Oh this is fun!

  8. Hi Debbie, I see you did a little blog redecorating! It looks so fresh and the blue really sets off your photos and artwork so well! Charming! Wonderful post, thank you for the blog links too! ~ Diane

  9. Hi Debbie,

    Lovely to discover your blog through the blog hop. It was great to see all your lovely flowers and your wonderful watercolours - gorgeous photos.
    Wishing you a happy week and many thanks for visiting me and I look forward to coming back again to see you.

  10. A very sweet and generous post, and always nice to see your lovely watercolors , a beautiful variety that shows how versatile you are.

  11. Hi Debbie. So glad you enjoyed taking part in the Around the world blog hop and thank you for your nice comments about me.
    I enjoyed seeing your fantastic aquarelles displayed on the table, and the photos of your lovely flowers. The change to your blog is wonderful. looks like you've been really busy.

  12. Yes flowers inspire me as well -- and those tickseeds are everywhere turning the roadsides a marvelous gold! LOVELY garden you have Deb, and great friends!! HUGS!

  13. Dear Debbie
    First of all I love your new look blog and the font size is so much easier to read than before. Interesting to read what inspires you and makes you tick. Painting is a great way to notice the little things around you that you might otherwise overlook. I will be popping over to see what the other blogs have to say. Enjoy the rest of the week - it is a beautifully misty morning here.

  14. Hello Debbie
    It's lovely to learn more about you.
    Oh to have such a talent and I've loved seeing your art.
    I love my garden too, it's now Spring in New Zealand so it's exciting to wander around the garden each morning to find the new plants that have popped their little heads up through the earth!
    I will pop in to meet your tagees - Celia and I have just met.
    What a talented group you are!

  15. Hello Debbie, just paying you a return visit :-) Thanks again for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed reading about you today & your painting is just beautiful. Thanks so much. Julie

  16. Hi Debbie! A very nice post you have here full of beautiful pictures and friendly blogs. I already know Carol and Celia, both great artists . I had a lovely time too visiting Barbara. Have a sunny day Debbie, Hugs

  17. Great post Debbie. Barbara is wonderful isn't she. Of course I love all that you do. Your watercolors are fantastic and your flowers are marvelous I shall be off to visit your friends too.

  18. I need to go over and 'meet' these wonderful, creative ladies. Your art is beautiful Debbie.

  19. A wonderful post Debbie, your sketches are all so gorgeous as are your photos. What a pretty butterfly that is! Thanks so much for including me - I feel honoured - and I look forward to visiting the other blogs.

  20. I could say that those 3 big ones inspire me to paint as well. How could we not be inspired by the greatest artist of all? The creator of all that we love so much. I like your new look on the blog, very refreshing!

  21. Wonderful! A great blog tour you're on....


  22. Love the post, and thank you for the introductions. I hope you are having a grand week. Hugs.

  23. This is a special post and visiting all the winners will be a pleasure. Congratulations, dear Debbie. Your beautiful watercolors caught my eye right away. I especially love the birds...then the cat. Looks a cutie. Does he catch birds by any chance?

  24. I love your work Debbie. Very pretty. Thanks for stopping by and I will put your blog on my list of blogs I check out!

  25. sweet, indulgent friend...again, I am SO sorry, and I just posted what I had in my head (I should never go with "what's in my head") was supposed to be today! Check it out if you can...I linked to all you lovely ladies!

  26. I found your lovely blog through Anne's Around the World post. I have enjoyed poking around your site. Your watercolors have such a sweet, delicateness about them! I'm going to have to come back again! :)


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